What to Wear to Ace Your Next Job Interview


Attending an interview anytime soon? If you are prepping for your job interview and you need help in the clothing department, you have come to the right article. Providing you with tips on what to wear to ace your next job interview, this article is everything you need.

1. Lets get started with the color scheme

In planning your overall outfit for the interview, the color scheme is important. Different sectors has different level of acceptance towards certain color schemes. Let say if you are interviewing for a lawyer position, showing up to the job interview wearing bright or neon colors might not be acceptable. Safe color choice would be white, black, grey, earthy or warm tone. Choose one or two but stick to the rule of four maximum colors or else you will just not look presentable.

2. Decide what top to wear. Should you wear a blazer?


Now that you got the color scheme figured out, lets decide on each clothing piece that you will wear to the job interview. The top can be a blouse or a shirt. Choose a top that accentuates your body type. It does not always need to be tight but a nicely fitting blouse or shirt could boost your confidence. Attending for a higher role? A blazer is always a good idea. You will be portrayed as someone who takes her or his image seriously and will make a good first impression .

3. Pants VS Skirts

Next the bottom. This can be either a skirt or a pair of pants. If you are a woman and decide to wear pants, then go for it. Choose the one that you are comfortable wearing. Some people like to purchase a new set of clothing solely for the purpose of attending an interview. This is also a great idea however be sure to try them first before actually wearing it to the interview. If the skirt is too short or the pants is too tight, get it altered.

4. What shoes to wear

There are so many options that you can go for the footwear selection. Sky high heels may not be appropriate to wear for a job interview. Opt for something less dramatic, too much straps or even bright colors. Kitten heels may look cute but swap it for a 2 inch pump heels instead. Again for the color, be sure to check whether it compliments your top and bottom.

5. Accessories, is it necessary?


When it comes to a job interview it drills down to do you have what it takes to perform the job, does your experiences matches the requirement and what can you offer to the company. Now you already did a good job in deciding the basic ensembles, the next question is accessories. Is it necessary?

A good accessory not to neglect is the watch. Wearing a watch to a job interview not only makes you looks better but it could also help you to keep an eye for the time. Showing on time for a job interview is no exception. Other accessories you can wear are earrings, a bracelet, a necklace or a belt. Rule of thumb is to keep it simple and minimal. If you already choose to wear a pair of earrings, you can skip the necklace and the bracelet all together.

6. What make up to wear


Showing up fresh and clean for the interview will boost your confidence as well as helps to calm your nerves. Getting enough rest the night before the interview will make a huge difference too. Remember you need to ace the interview and get the job of your dream. So being well prepared is crucial. Trim your nails and hair. If you decide to go full face of make up, make sure the color is kept minimal and only enhance your features. Lipstick and blush is the two key items if you want to keep it subtly fresh.


That’s all we have for the tips on what to wear to ace your next job interview. If you find this article helpful, be sure to share it and comment which tips you like best.