Why Girls Are Attracted to Bad Boys


We have to admit that bad boys always get a lot of attention because there is something specific about them that attracts us. As you guys are reading this, pretty sure that there is at least someone that comes across your mind whether that one or two bad boys in your school or college who can easily attract a girl’s attention. Besides that, the obvious reason will always be because of their looks, and some come with thick wallets. Here are some of the reasons why girls are attracted to bad boys and makes it hard to stay away!

1. They know how to dress well


One thing about bad boys is that they know how to dress themselves up. They dress effortlessly neat which makes it even nicer to look at them besides of their good looking faces. Leather jackets or denim jackets are known to be their style, and some may categorized this look as that swag looks as these boys be hanging and mingling around with pretty girls.

2. They know how to remain cool/ play it cool


What does it mean by they know how to play it cool? That means they know how to act un-bothered which most girls find attractive. For instance when something happens, instead of reacting to it, they remain cool, although on the inside they may be screaming or yelling at themselves (only God knows).

p/s: Although this trait may sound cool, but it is not necessary healthy to practice as this trait practices emotions avoidance.

3. They are sweet talkers


Innocent girls…. they have such fragile hearts and all it takes is sweet words to melt their hearts. When a good looking boy does that to them, they will fall for his sweet words in just a matter of seconds (which is kind of worrying because it’s dangerous).

So girls, please choose a partner wisely because physical attractiveness is not everything but your happiness should always be a priority! We can be friends with them but we have to know our borders.

Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you guys want to share something interesting about your bad boy experiences in life.