10 Nail Art Ideas to Show off Your Creativity


Beautiful nails are one of a woman’s attraction. Nail spas are their favorite place to visit. Previously, women visits nail spas just to polish their nails, but now there are a lot of service on nails that can make it more attractive. Nails can be decorated in various styles depending on our desire and creativity. Internet, magazines and nails consultant are the best reference to get ideas. Nowadays, coloured nails are becoming a huge part of fashion.

1.    Always cheerful with colours

A mixed nail coloured style are good for those who are brave. It delivers a cheerful aura from a person. However, this style is less likely to be chosen by someone is more reserved and soft spoken.

2.     Why not go pastel?

Pastel shades are so ‘in’ with women as it helps bring out a feminine and elegant side of someone.

3.     I love pink!


Pink is among one of the most popular shade among the ladies regardless of age. It gives that versatile look no matter what outfit you have on. Not only that, there are various shades of pink you can choose to flaunt depending on your mood.

4.     Black is elegant!


Black used to be symbolic for that Gothic or Rock & Roll theme before but not anymore. Itnow has become one of the colour that gives off that elegant vibe.

5.     Beautiful shining and glitter!

Shine bright like a diamond by rocking the glittery design on your nails. If you want to look outstanding, this style is definitely the perfect choice.

6.     Red is daring!

If we can recall, most of us started to explore red as our nail colour at the beginning This is because the red shade brings out that sexy yet bold aura from us.

7.     Elegant strip!


This style is also ‘in’ as most women loves to wear strip design. You can choose various designs of strips to dress up your nails and match the look with your outfits.

8.     Flora and fauna!

Looking for something different? Let’s try to style the nails with a ‘'back to nature” element. This might not be your usual pick for a manicure design but it will definitely make you stand out.

9.     Golden Glam!


Glory and glamour is synonym with the colour of gold. Gold nail polish colour is a good choice for a person who loves to appear exclusive and luxurious.

10.     Less is more!


However, not every woman loves to give colour to their nails and would prefer a shade that resembles their original nail shade. So a simple transparent coat for a fresher polished yet natural nail look will do the trick.

So, what's your favorite nail style? Share down below.