9 Ways to Make You Feel Motivated to Workout Everyday


It is your new year resolution - making a commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle. New year, new me! Going to the gym or a jog in the park, you wish to workout as much as possible in order to achieve your target. However, sometimes due to hectic schedules, lack of rest or you are not in the right mood, you tend to miss your session. You will also find that it is very difficult to exercise consistently. Hence, how to keep you motivated to workout everyday?

1. Recall Your Why


Recalling why you want to workout in the first place might be one of your strong motivations to keep up with your fitness routine. For instance, to gain stamina, have more energy, live longer and healthier or have a perfect body shape for your wedding. Let that ‘WHY’ be your strength encouraging you to workout.

2. You need a ‘mantra’


Working out is definitely a physical challenge but making yourself to wake up and hit the gym is a mental one. It is good to have your own personal mantra to motivate you each brand new day. Just a simple one, a positive affirmation for you to chant such as “I will make healthy choices today!” or “I’m going to fit into that pair of jeans!”, something that you feel connected to. Whenever you are feeling down or refuse to workout, repeat your mantra to push yourself.

3. Set your target and write it down


Be clear of your targets. Take out a pen and a paper then write it down. Be as specific as you could in terms of your exercise routines (do more cardio, extra hours at the gym) or what you want to achieve as the end result (kilos you want to shred or which problematic body parts you want to tackle). You can also make a poster and paste it in front of the mirror as a reminder. Each time you see your targets, you’ll be more inspired.

4. Envision the future you


Feeling like ditching your workout today? Repeat your mantra, look at your written targets then envision the future you. Imagine yourself, a few months or a year from now. You are having a healthy life, having the body you’ve always wanted. You know that all the hard work finally being paid off. The clearer you envision the future you, the more motivated you will be. So, why stop now?

5. Set a fixed schedule

Insert your workout session into your routine. Don’t make it a habit to workout only when you have time. Allocate a specific period of time for working out and stick to it. Once you consider it as one of your daily activities, you’ll get used to it and won’t miss your workout session. It’s just like going to work or attending meetings. Set a reminder in your phone if you need to.

6. It’s your ‘Me Time’


Yes. Let your exercise time be your own ‘Me Time’. Exclude yourself from the world and focus only on you, your mind and your body. Pamper yourself (this time with heart-pumping workout moves) without any disturbance. De-stress and let the endorphins kick in. You’ll be happier and optimistic to face the day.

7. Think of other benefits that you’ll enjoy


The moment you start creating excuses of not having sufficient time to workout or not feeling motivated, think of how great you will feel about your body right after a workout. Not only that, you’ll enjoy several other perks like boosting your immune system, lowering the risk of diseases, sharper memory plus the ability to be more focus in performing tasks. Bear in mind, a workout makes you better today than you were yesterday.

8. Reward yourself


Don’t forget to reward yourself when you manage to achieve your workout goals. Establish a reward system such as a new outfit with complementary accessories if you completed your cardio routine for the week or a relaxing spa treatment once you reach your target for the month. Having a glimpse of what you are going to reward yourself in mind will surely motivate you to get moving.

9. Get a gym buddy


Tired of working out alone? Get a gym buddy. Set time so both of you can exercise together. You and your friend will be less likely to skip a workout if you strongly encourage each other.

Apart from that, combine your social time with gym time. Instead of a sobremesa at a cafe, ask your friend to join you at the gym. A catching up session can be carried out over a sweat session. You are killing two birds with one stone - completing workout goal for the day while exchanging stories with your buddy.

Stop making excuses. Put on your sportswear and make it happen. Keep going even when you are facing setbacks. Always remember, though you can’t physically see the results in front of you, at the end of the day, every single effort is changing your body from the inside.

What motivates you to workout? Share with us in the comment box below.