Affordable Gifts to Give During Secret Santa


Christmas is nearly upon us and you know what that means: presents! While buying gifts for your families, friends, and loved ones is easy, buying gifts for that random colleague sitting across you whom you’ve never talked to for Secret Santa is almost impossible.

Knowing that the closest form of contact you have with that person is a light upnod whenever you walk pass each other, it might be difficult to figure out the perfect gift to give since you barely even know the person. And let’s face it, you don’t want to spend a lot for someone you don’t know or frankly, don’t really care about.

However, you are given the duty as Secret Santa to impress him/her with a thoughtful or at least a useful gift that he/she would appreciate. You don’t want to be that person who gives out ridiculous gifts only to get an awkward smile back. You want to step up a bit by giving a good but affordable present to be remembered for.

Therefore, here are some cheap gifts that you can buy during Secret Santa exchange.

1.    Novelty socks


Socks are the most obvious gift to give during Christmas. While we are usually against whacky novelty socks, we’ll make it an exception for this holiday. Get a Christmas themed one like patterns of reindeers, Santa, Christmas trees, or anything else related.


2.    Scented candles


Scented candles are perfect for winter. But since we don’t have winter here in Malaysia, we can at least feel like it by the strong scent of sandalwood, cinnamon, and hot cocoa which gives out a Christmas mood even in hot weather.


3.    Succulent plants


Being stuck in the office for eight straight hours can be boring and sometimes depressing. Cheer up your colleague’s day with a fresh succulent plant which is easy to take care of.


4.    Planner


Make your co-worker’s hectic working life easier with a planner that can fill up all of her/his reminders and schedules. Not only is it an affordable gift, it is also a useful item to have on one’s desk.


5.    Funny mug


For your co-worker who is constantly on caffeine, a mug would do best as a gift. Choose a mug with either a funny or motivational quote which can brighten up a stressful day.


6.    Water bottle


Or if your cubicle neighbour drinks a lot, get them a water bottle or a flask instead where they can store their beverage. This way, they don’t need to get up to the pantry every time they want to drink.


7.    Hand sanitizer

Your office might seem clean and tidy, but you never know what germs lurk around the things you touch daily. That is why a hand sanitizer is a good gift idea to keep the environment and your dear colleague clean off any bacteria.


8.    Ice ball maker


If your colleague enjoys a good ol’ fashion drink, an ice ball maker would be a great gift. A standard ice cube isn’t as James Bond-y as one might think. An ice ball though, will elevate anyone’s boss level even if he/she isn’t one.


9.    Cardholder


A cardholder is especially useful for people who are working. How else would you store your contacts’ cards and your own?


10.  2019 calendar


As the year is coming to a close, a calendar of next year is a great idea as a Secret Santa gift. Not only does it help your colleague organize, it also is useful to set dates for important meetings and such.


11.  Tie


If your workplace requires a tie as part of its dress code, a tie would be helpful for your colleague. Either get a colour that he never owns yet or an unexpected colour that would make him pop out of your other colleagues like blood red, eggplant, or teal.


Truthfully saying, whatever you give your colleague, the thought of it is the one that matters. So, go crazy with your gifts. What would you get your colleague as Secret Santa? Tell us at the comments section below!