How to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions Successfully


Don’t you think time flies extra fast this year? It felt like 2018 zoomed its way quickly and now, we are just days away to a new year. By this time, many of us are starting to gather our yearly New Year’s resolutions which we aim to achieve but most likely failed. You are not the only one facing this problem though. We gave up halfway of our previous New Year’s resolutions too.

However, this year, we are determined (seriously, we are)! Want to get fit? Eat healthier? Settle financial debts? Do not worry, we will get through this together because luckily for you, we have some tips for you and ourselves to achieve that New Year’s goals successfully this time.

1.    Keep it realistic


One thing that factors into failure of achieving your goals is that they are unattainable. For example, you want to get fit for the new year, so you register yourself to an extreme CrossFit training gym that exclusively trains for bodybuilders and such. That is the wrong approach to tackle your goal which will just set you up for failure. Instead, you should begin slowly like maybe do some home fitness routine as a start then work your way through to a more advance routine.


2.    Plan a time frame


This is actually a good motivator to achieve your New Year’s goals. It is to measure how long you have left to gain what you want thus prompting you to chase your target. If you want a summer body to flaunt in a cute bikini by the beach or the poolside, then you should start working out months before the season comes.


3.    Remind yourself


When you are on your way to reach your resolutions, it is important to keep reminding yourself about it, so you will not falter from it. Write notes and stick them on a mirror which you often look at, create reminders on your phone, have it as a wallpaper on your computer; anything works to get your goals planted in your head which will only motivate you to keep it in check.


4.    Make it a habit

To make things easier for you, your New Year’s resolutions should turn into a habit. Find something you could do everyday then work your way towards it. Like putting a couple of bucks aside everyday to help with your goal of saving money for the year. Once you stick to it daily, it will become natural to you; like brushing your teeth.


5.    Tell about it


It also helps to share what your resolutions are with your families and friends so that they too can help you out with it. The least they could do is to remind you of it and support you from afar. Plus points if you have friends that have the same goals as you. This way, you can work through them together which makes it more comforting and motivating for each other.


What are your New Year’s goals this year? Are you working towards it already? Let us know at the comments section down below!