How to Deal with Workplace Breakdown


Workplace breakdown is a reality for most nine-to-fivers. Whether you have a million tasks to complete or a boss who is breathing down your neck, it creates a demanding environment that we hate. On top of that morning when your cat ruined all of your work dresses, we don’t have to be a ticking stress bomb. It’s important to recognize our workplace breakdown and then, find a way to solve it. Sometimes, it takes more than a beach holiday to melt our stresses away. Once we’re back with a gorgeous tan, how can we overcome our daily work stresses? We’ve uncovered a few ways to deal with our emotional demons.

1. Treat yourself with self-care

There’s a reason why self-care is progressively important because it focuses on you. At work, it’s impossible to steer away from problems. Sometimes, we meet a colleague who won’t pull their weight. Other times, we have a boss who doesn’t understand our busy schedule. As much as it ruins our day, don’t let it get to you. The right way to reduce stress is to concentrate on you. Body massages are fine, but there are other cheaper self-care practices too. Light up a scented candle, slap on a face mask and read your favourite book. Then, you will realize that any workplace problems are not as bad as you think.

2. Learn to say no


You may want to appear on your boss good books and do as much work as you can, but there’s a limit to everything. When you have a lot of work to complete, give it a gracious no. Your stress meter will be a good indication on when to say it. Recognize that you’ve reached your limit when you’re anxious about the unanswered emails and unfinished reports. At the end of the day, you want to deliver your best work. It’s also difficult to provide them if we see ourselves as a Jack of all tasks.

3. Ask for help

Despite having the talent and ability to do it all, every office superhero (that’s you!) needs a break. When you have so much work on your plate, delegate it to your teammates. We have colleagues who can help us. However, it’s important to ask if your colleague can carry the extra weight. When they say yes, ask for their help. There’s no shame in asking for a favour.

4. Practice deep breathing


The best way to take your mind off things is to practice deep breathing. You can do it before you start your day or during a stressful afternoon. It’s also a powerful way to stop obsessing over your workplace stress and anxiety. In a repeated motion, take a deep inhale and exhale. Do it for several minutes until you’re finally calm and centered. When performed often, it can energize more focus into your workplace.

5. Stop being a perfectionist

Perfection doesn’t exist, and mistakes happen more often than you think. When your boss highlights an error in your report or points out a discrepancy in your work, don’t let it bother you. Instead, take it as a positive feedback and work on it. It’s okay to make mistakes, and we’re progressively better when we learn from it. When you throw perfectionism out of the window, you’ll recognize that doing your best is good enough.

6. Talk it out


If your workplace breakdown gets the best of you, speak to someone about it. Most of the time, breakdowns are caused by pent-up frustration and stress. When that happens, remember that you don’t have to face it alone. While it’s tempting to vent to your colleague about it, it’s best to speak to someone outside of work. We’re talking about your close friends or family. Chat with them over coffee, and share your woes until you feel better. Apart from lifting your burden, they might provide a solution too.

Workplace breakdowns are not something that can be swept under the carpet. It’s an important issue that needs to be addressed. Never allow stress or anxiety to manifest itself. Instead, take measures to overcome it. If that means indulging in more self-care practices or accepting that perfection doesn’t exist, do it. It’s all about setting professional boundaries and creating a healthy working environment for you.

How do you deal with workplace breakdown? Share your thoughts in the comments below!