How to Relive That Spark You Once Had

Many of us are accustomed to the old metaphor that relates love with plants. It describes loving one’s spouse being similar to growing your own flowers. But suffice to say, our actions may not necessarily reflect the extent that we truly understand what it takes to maintain the seedlings.

It actually takes efforts and discipline to water and feed the plants, as well as to guard them from pests. As much as we love to see our roses grow accordingly, we should also endeavour similarly to maintain the spark of our marriage. If the plants are left unattended it’ll eventually die and for some, in no time.

So here are some of the avenues that may help you to relive the spark you once had:

1. Set for a weekly/fortnightly date

Candle light dinner.jpeg

Make sure that you turn your phone into silent mode and better still, switch it off. This is to avoid disruptions to your beautiful and romantic moment. Try out new eateries and menus. Put on your stunning evening dress and make sure to stick with your schedule!

2. Monthly or maybe quarterly retreat


While this may not be feasible for couples with infants, such retreat is definitely important for your relationship. If the situation permits, leave your kids at their aunt’s or grandma’s and go for a getaway nearby. Eventually when everyone begins to get the hang of this routine, you may opt for farther spots and cherish the romantic retreat with just the two of you.

3. Speak up, let each other know of your current state of feelings

marriage communicarion.jpeg

If you have been feeling drained, let him know. If you wish to spend a night without having to chase the tots, communicate with her. Keeping things to yourself won’t make your relationship any better because guess what, both of you ain’t psychic! If speaking face-to-face doesn’t sound like a good idea, send him text messages then.

They keys to reliving the spark you used to have are commitment, communication and a little effort from both sides. Okay let’s be real. Since we are already tight with work, meetings, datelines and above all, budgets; vacations do not necessarily have to be expensive and too frequent. Sometimes, all we need is a sweet escape from the mundane routine to rejuvenate your love and affection for each other.

So what are your thoughts about reliving the spark that you once had? Don’t forget to drop your ideas in the comment box below.