How to Spend Your First Christmas As A Couple


This must be an exciting time for couples who are having their first celebration of Christmas together. Being newly married, the experience of the first Christmas should always be special and sentimental. If you are one of those lucky ones who are equally excited and nervous for your first Christmas together, here we made a list on how you can spend time on your first Christmas with your significant other. Read down below.

1.     Go Christmas Tree Shopping


It does not matter you want a real tree or a fake one, go shop for it together, It will be a simple romantic experience picking out the shape of trees that both of you think is perfect to be placed in your home living room.


2.     Shop Gifts for Relatives Together


Go to shop relatives’ gift together so you can exchange opinions on getting the best price and design. Have a list of names and gift ideas then share them with your partner so if he or she spotted any of the items on your list, he or she can definitely point it out to you. Teamwork!


3.     Get a Sentimental Ornament


It is your FIRST Christmas together! Should we say more? Start a Christmas tradition every year where you get a sentimental ornament as a couple to commemorate your life journey together. Do this every Christmas as you grow old together. Such a sweet romantic gesture!


4.     Watch Christmas Movies


 There are various Christmas movies that you can watch together. From the classic such as Home Alone to the latest movies like The Christmas Chronicles, decide the ones you want to watch together, put on your Christmas pyjamas, set up your living room by lighting candles (or the fireplace if you have one) and enjoy a movie marathon!


5.     Celebrate with Both Families

This is important as you and your partner both will miss your Christmas time with family. So make sure you drive down to spend Christmas with both sides of the family. This will help strengthen the bond as a couple and also with your in laws.


What are your plans for this year’s Christmas? Let us know down below.