How to Tell If You Are Being Ghosted


Just when you thought everything is going fine with that someone; you hit it off via texts, meet in person, go on dates, and maybe even have “sleepovers”, but suddenly, POOF! They disappear without a trace. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called ghosting, a cheap and cowardly way to break off a relationship.

There are many ways to breakup with someone but personally, ghosting is probably the rudest way to do so. They leave without a proper “goodbye” nor a “sorry” and think that they could get a way with it. But not today! We are here to point out some of the obvious signs that you are about to be victim to this ghosting behaviour.

1.    They’re always busy


When a person likes someone, they will find time for you even if their schedule is jam packed with work or other responsibilities. But when they start making excuses that they’re busy for no good reason, you know something’s up. Sure, people can be busy. But being busy at all times even during the weekends? That’s just an excuse for a potential ghosting situation to happen.


2.    They often cancel plans


Relating to the first point, them being busy will prompt into cancelling plans that the both of you have set days before the actual date. While cancelling plans happens occasionally, cancelling them at the very last minute every time you’ve agreed on is annoying. Especially when they don’t reschedule it to a later date.


3.    They reply late


Texting plays a huge role in a relationship. It’s the communication tool every couple uses when they’re away from each other. When the relationship is strong, texting isn’t a problem as they usually have something to say or a story to tell. But when one replies late and with one-off answers, that’s a sign that they’re not into you anymore and is ready to bail.


4.    They avoid conflicts

It is normal for couples to have a little disagreement from time to time. That is what builds a relationship after all. A potential ghost, however, will avoid any conflicts at all cost. Even ones as simple as deciding on where to eat or picking what clothes to wear for a date. It is as if they don’t want to solve the problem with you and better the situation together. Instead, they just leave you to it while they’re off doing their own thing.


5.    They’re not invested anymore

This one is just plain obvious. They’re not into you anymore. They don’t ask you how your day went, the situation at your workplace, not even what you are currently doing. This is because they don’t see the point of knowing what goes on in your daily life anymore since they’ve made up their mind to leave anyway.


Honestly, being ghosted sucks as it leaves us hanging without any further notice of where the relationship would go. It leaves the victim questioning their self-worth and if it was their fault that led to their partner’s disappearance.

Have you ever been ghosted? How did you cope with that situation? Share with us in the comments section below!