Shoes That Are Key to Your Looks


Shoes can make or break your outfit; just like any accessory or clothing item, shoes define what kind of look you are wearing whether it’s casual, chic, dressy or completely slacking.

We’ve made a list for you about what kind of shoes to wear, what you can wear them with, and how to style them.

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Refer to our list below of some of the shoes you need in your wardrobe that will be key to styling your outfit.

White sneakers

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The perception of white sneakers is that they are hard to clean. However, leather made sneakers are easier to clean than fabric or suede sneakers.

A white sneaker can be worn anywhere. It can add life to a dark monochromatic outfit, it can seal the deal with a casual outfit or even dress down something more formal. 

Style Tip:

We recommend dressing down a formal outfit with white sneakers. For instance, pairing them with a power suit.

If you still want to look more casual than dressed up, biker shorts are on trend. Belt a blazer over a pair of biker shorts and your clean white sneakers. Don’t forget to throw on your favorite shades to complete your outfit.


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Sometimes we need something that is not a sneaker or a heel to make a statement with your outfit. Loafers are comfortable shoes you can wear with almost anything.

The best way to style loafers is with pants. They make much more of a statement than sneakers but are comfortable as well when you are wearing something more dressed up.

Style Tip:

Wear your loafers with a pair of pants or jeans that are cut above your ankle. This way, you don’t overbear your outfit.

Style your skater skirt or shift dress with a pair of backless loafers. To add an extra something to your outfit, you can wear tights. Try to go for the colored fishnet or embellished style. If you want to wear something that doesn’t go all the way up to your thighs, then we suggest going for colored short fishnets or stockings that have interesting patterns. For ladies who don’t mind wearing a pantyhose, something embellished will surely add sparkle to your outfit.


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We recommend looking at comfortable and good quality boots that will last you a long time and match almost every piece in your wardrobe.

Boots are much more elevated than loafers in a sense that they make a chic statement close to heels but if they are a low and comfortable heel, it’s a higher level than loafers and sneakers.

Black and Brown boots are the most popular colors in any fashionista’s wardrobe. In addition, ankle boots are seen on almost every style queen’s closet shelf.

If you are looking for something extra, we recommend investing in a thigh-high boot. However, make sure that this boot has fastening options because not everyone’s leg is the same size and shape.

Style Tip:

Buy nude heels instead of the classic black or brown colors. These can be worn with brightly colored outfits with an unexpected twist on the bottom of your shoes. Plus, they will keep your legs looking long for days.

Printed boots also make a huge statement. Even if they cannot be for everyday, they can turn an everyday outfit into a killer look. Right now, snakeskin print is really in, as well as leopard print. You can pair a printed boot with a monochromatic outfit like a red jumpsuit or a black dress. The print itself is supposed to add more life and elevate your look further.

Thigh-high boots can be worn with stockings and a short dress so both the stockings and the boots are seen. If you prefer long dresses, wearing something with some sort of slit to show off your boots.

Black heels

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Black heels have never gone wrong with any outfit. Magazines, blogs and many people influential in the fashion industry will all say the same thing. It doesn’t have to be from Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo. You can get similar styles at Zalora for a lot less now.

Style Tip:

Wear bright stockings and socks in your heels. It adds more depth to your outfit, not to mention the number of people who will be staring at your feet. If you are not feeling your outfit, this is the perfect distraction to take people’s attention away from your clothes.

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