Simple Beauty Hacks to Hasten Your Makeup Process


Not every single day you could take your own sweet time applying makeup before heading out. When you are having a hectic morning or facing a busy day, you just wish that you could expedite your makeup routine. Sometimes, in rush you tend to make more mistakes which will cause you extra effort to re-apply or repair the mess. The last thing you need is smudges on your face due to a poorly blended makeup application. Hence, here are some handy little tricks you can try. Keep these under your sleeves so that you can always have the look you are going for even when you have very little time in front of the mirror.

A ‘T’ and a beauty blender for foundation


Yes. Apply your foundation in a T shape. One horizontal line under both of your eyes and one vertical line from the bridge of your nose to the chin. From there, use a beauty blender in an outward direction to transfer and blend your foundation all over your face. This little egg-shape sponge will get the job done faster. With this trick, you are actually using less foundation but achieving flawless coverage and avoiding yourself from getting a dreaded cakey mask-like face.

Use contouring makeup kit


When you are in a hurry, you don’t have ample time to search and look for the right bronzer or highlighter in order to enhance your features. Use a contouring makeup kit that suits you. The kit (comes with a few shades and highlights) will be able to help make your cheek bone pop, accentuate your jaw line or highlight certain areas of your face in no time, without you having to make unnecessary decisions. Right contouring and highlighting shades with minimal time. Who would say no to this, right?

Let your mascara be your eyeliner too


Achieve two results with one single application of mascara. Apart from your lashes, use mascara as your eyeliner. Apply the mascara all the way till the roots of your lashes. Carefully wiggle the brush along the lash line so that some of the mascara gets on the skin and create the look of a liner.

Blow dry a lash curler to set curl

When applying mascara, heat your lash curler using a blow dryer. Let it cool a bit then use as usual. The heat will lift, bend your lashes and set the curl so it lasts longer. You don’t have to use the lash curler repeatedly or swiping several coats of mascara more than you actually need.

Want a much fuller lashes? Simply dust a small amount of translucent powder on your lashes between coats.

A hashtag for smoky eyes


Import a hashtag from your social media to create the fastest smoky eyes ever. Simply dust on a shadow around the lid to the crease of your eye. Then, draw a hashtag (#) on the outer corner of your eye using an eyeliner pencil with a darker shade. Gently, smudge inward with a cotton swab (or brush) until you get the desired look.

White eyeliner for an intense shadow


If you want to intensify the colour of your favourite eye shadow, you just need a white eyeliner. Just apply white eyeliner all over your eyelid followed by your favorite shadow. The colour of the shadow will definitely pop up.

Lipstick to last longer


A simple trick for a long lasting color of your lipstick - translucent powder. Start by lining and filling in your lips with a lip liner that matches your lipstick hue. Swipe on a coat of lipstick then lightly lay a tissue across your lips. Dust translucent powder over the tissue. The powder will lock in the lipstick as well as set the color so it stays on longer.

When you are done with your lipstick, put your index finger in your mouth. Pucker up, close your lips around your finger, then pull your finger out. This way, the excess lipstick will get on your finger. You will save your time by not having to remove any excess that accidentally gets on your teeth.

Facial mist to maintain your makeup

Facial mist is not only use to hydrate your skin for a softer moisten look. It can help to lock your makeup too. Once you are done with your makeup, lightly spritz facial mist all over your face and you are good to face the day. Repeat this process at any time to refresh and revive your makeup when it’s starting to crease or get cakey.

With the hacks above, you can hasten your makeup process and leave out all the complicated steps. Optimize your life and time without compromising your look with a flick of your wrist. Do you have any other tricks to be added to the list? Kindly share in the comment box below.