Spring/Summer 2019 Trends to Pull Off for The New Year

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Despite the many things that happened in 2018, can we agree on one thing though? It was quite an interesting year in terms of fashion. We saw sportswear everywhere, resell culture taking over the market, the revival of the ‘90s style, and many more that definitely caught our attention.

Now that the year is coming to a close, we bid farewell to the craziest trends we saw on and off the runway moving on to a new year! While 2018 was unique to say the least, we can’t wait to see what 2019’s fashion is going to bring us.

However, we do have an inkling to what trends are going to catch on next year which will have people, fashionistas or not, following and putting their own spin on it. Here are some of the fashion trends we think will be the next craze come Spring/Summer.

1.    Acid wash / Tie-dye


Recently, we saw a surge of Hawaiian shirts among men everywhere especially with those so-called hipsters at Urbanscapes. Now, we’re predicting that the tie-dye pattern will take over the fashion world. In fact, everything that is acid washed was seen being the “it” motif on runways during fashion week which can only confirm that the famous ‘70s hippie pattern will make its comeback.


2.    Animal motif


Tie-dye isn’t the only pattern that will be hot come 2019. We’re expecting animal prints to be big as well. leopard and zebra prints in its respective hue are considered normal at this point but what is crazier is that next year will see these prints in a slightly brighter colour like neon yellow, sky blue, pink, and many other vibrant colours.


3.    Beige colour


Speaking of colours, beige will be 2019’s most popular colour which we bet will be on every clothing collection including shirts, trousers, and even shoes. Beige is neutral enough to pair with any other colours without looking like a walking traffic light. Earth colours like ochre, sienna, and umber also count in this category of hues.


4.    Biker shorts


We’re not going to admit that skirts are dead just yet. What we are going to admit, however, is that shorts will slowly replace skirts as the year’s trend. Bicycle shorts, to be exact which is like leggings except it is above knee length. Looks like sportswear is still marking its spot in fashion with this item.


5.    Crochets


As the temperature rises, expect to see clothes with more air ventilation which can keep a person cool. Therefore, crochets will be the “it” clothing item come 2019. Crochets will not only come in bags like it usually does, but it will also be applied as shirts, headwear, skirts, and even shorts.


6.    The great escape

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What do Spring/Summer call for? A vacation of course! But if your boss rejects your annual leave application, not to worry though. You can still look the part in breezy, summer vibes, vacation-type clothes that are light and vibrant enough which screams “SPRING BREAK” or “SUMMER VACATION”. Expect this hippie-ish style from the ‘70s and the late ‘60s to make a comeback.


7.    Neon colours


While beige is a safe colour to don next year, why not be bold with a hue you don’t normally wear like bright neon. Neon was everywhere in the Fall/Winter season of 2018 and it will definitely be carried over to next year’s trend. With a colour so bright, you will definitely standout at any occasion you go to.


2019 is looking to be an exciting time for fashion enthusiasts with these many trends ready to be displayed by the public. Which style do you think you could pull off? Which trend do you think will stick? Comment your thoughts at the box below.