The First 5 Things You Should Buy If You're Just Getting Into Makeup


Getting into makeup can be quiet tricky for the beginners. You don’t know what products you should buy because there are hundreds of makeup products available in the market. As a newbie you should focus more on what you need in your makeup routine. Thus don’t waste your money on something you will never wear. There is no fix guideline on which product should you buy but this are five makeup essentials that all makeup beginners should have in store.

1.       Primer

Before you apply on foundation, make sure you apply on a layer of primer onto your skin. This is because primer will make your skin appear smooth. It also can reduce your the visibility of your pores and make your makeup last longer.


2.       Foundation/ Concealer

Foundation can help you to cover up any blemishes or hyper-pigmentation. It will make your face look flawless. You can always work your foundation from medium coverage to high coverage. You just need to find the right shade that matches your skin tone before buying it. Darker shades of foundation also can work as your contour kit.


3.       Lipstick

Lipstick is a must to every makeup enthusiast because your look will not be complete without it. Usually beginners are afraid of bold lip colours, so nude or light pink lipstick is really a great option to start with. If you are bold enough, then go with bright red or any darker shades to complete your bold look.


4.       Blusher

With a little help of a blusher, your face will look lively and healthy. It will also give the effect as you are blushing naturally. Blusher comes in various forms for example powder, cream, stick, etc. It is also easy to blend using your fingers if you prefer cream blush or blush sticks while powder blushers could be easily applied with makeup brushes.


5.       Neutral eye shadow palette

Eye shadow can add depth and dimension on your eyes. It will also make your face look more attractive. There is a lot of eye shadow palettes you can choose from. For beginners, purchase neutral eye shadow palette first so that you can experiment with it. Once you are used to it, you can definitely buy bolder colour range of eye shadow palettes.

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