Unnoticeable Mistakes You Make on Your First Date


Everyone who has been on dates know that the first date is always the weightiest. It can literally make or break what could be a long-term relationship, so there is much needed attention to the things you do during your first date. You must leave a lasting impression if you are expecting a second date.

However, no matter how cautious you are on your first date, there may be some things that you accidentally do that leaves a bad taste. Sure, you’re in your best suit, you’re not late, you give compliments, but there are just those little mistakes that you may overlook which could lead to a failed date.

We don’t want you to go through it, so we made a list of mistakes you make on a first date which have gone unnoticed.


1.    Being rude towards others

Manners is the number one thing that your date will notice. And this does not only revolve around your date. It goes the same with other people especially ones who are at your service. Being rude to the waiter just gives out a sense of entitlement and obnoxiousness that would turn off your date. Even if the waiter serving you is bad at the job, keep things at a professional level that wouldn’t make the situation awkward.


2.    Checking your phone

We didn’t think we need to stress on this matter but looking at society now and how connected they are with their phones, we need to point this out anyway. Never take out your phone! No matter how much you’re itching to post a story of the venue you’re at, or tweet how amazing your date is going, resist from ever using your phone on a date. Checking your phone shows disinterest and lack of attention when interest and attention are the two most important things your date needs.


3.    Bragging

We understand when you want to talk yourself up during a date to impress the other. But overdoing it will only come as pompous and self-absorbed which are big negatives on a first date. Mentioning that you’ve travelled outside of the country is fine; mentioning you travelled in first class to attend a private party on a yacht is not.


4.    Stating your type


It is extremely rude to mention the type of boys or girls you go for on a first date. Yes, we all have our personal preference with the people we date. But isn’t your date already the type you seek for and that’s why you asked him/her out? Mentioning the type of person you’re looking for is a deal-breaker because it only causes them to feel unworthy if they think they don’t tick the right boxes.


5.    Overindulging


During a date, it is important for you to be present and controlled so that it doesn’t derail to a bad date. Hence, don’t overindulge on food or drinks during the date which will only get messy and sloppy because that isn’t the image you are going for on a first date. Keep your food consumption to a minimal, and if you’re drinking alcohol, one glass is just enough for the occasion.



These are some of the things you need to be aware of on a first date. Make sure you don’t do any silly mistakes as it will cost your potential relationship. So, what other things should people be cautious about during a first date? Help us succeed through a first date by sharing your thoughts on the comments section below.