What to Do During New Year's Eve If You're Celebrating Alone


For most people, New Year’s Eve means huge parties, endless drinking, big fireworks, and just hanging out with your closest friends or a loved one. However, some people prefer staying in at home and simply chill by themselves while everyone is out there partying in that noise.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve isn’t as lonely as it seems though. It is actually quite therapeutic and should not be viewed as something only losers do. So what if you are called a party pooper? Can a person celebrate the New Year in peace?

While many of your friends gather together at a place jam-packed with people, there are many ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home without feeling alone. Here are some suggestions for you to welcome the new year personally.

1.     Reflect on your year

As the year comes to an end, now is a good time to reflect on all your accomplishments that you have achieved in 2018. Did you manage to do all the things you said you would do this year? Did you get to put yourself out there and explore new things? If you haven’t, this could be a good motivation for you to try next year.


2.    Work on your resolutions


Speaking of next year, you should start working on your New Year’s resolutions if you haven’t yet. If there is something you failed to do last year, continue on to the new year and make sure you achieve it this time. Nobody likes an underachiever. Just remember to keep your resolutions realistic enough so that you can actually do it and eventually tick it off your list.


3.    Make a best-of list

You’ve finally lived through the year and survived, so you must have your opinions regarding it whether it be good or bad. Make a best and worst list like what YouTubers usually do at the end of the year, remembering the good, the bad, and the ugly that have happened during 2018.


4.    Marathon on movies


Admittedly, there are many good movies that came out this year. Some of it didn’t even make it to Malaysian cinemas. With all the free time you have tonight, why don’t you get comfortable in your sleepwear, make popcorn, and enjoy a couple of movies that you missed out on this year. If you want to watch something to suit the occasion, however, might we suggest 2001’s “New Year’s Eve” starring the oh-so-yummy Zac Efron and drop dead gorgeous Halle Berry?


5.    Read a new book


Reading a book is another good way to spend your New Year Eve’s alone. Remember that old book you promised yourself to finish but haven’t gotten into it? You can start off with that. Or get an entirely new one which is interesting enough for you to actually finish it in time.


How are you celebrating the New Year’s Eve this year? Will you go out partying the night away or stay cosy at home by yourself? Tell us at the comments section below!