What to Wear At An Office Christmas Party


It is the end of the year and the time has come where companies tend to hold Christmas parties to celebrate the holiday with colleagues before heading home on the 25th to spend time with their family.

While office holiday parties are fun, it can sometimes be tricky when it comes to dressing up for the occasion. You want to let loose a little opting out of that power suit while still maintaining a sense of professionalism. Unless the theme of the party is to wear your ugliest and most hilarious Christmas sweater, you need to dress properly in clothes which you can go crazy in and also impress your boss at the same time.

Therefore, we have compiled some of the outfits you can safely pull off at an office Christmas party. Razzle and dazzle in these five fashionable clothing items!

1.    All things red and green


Christmas is synonymous with the colour red and green. Red matches the colour of Santa’s uniform while green is similar to the Christmas tree. To get into the full Christmas spirit, you should be wearing one of these two colours, if not a combination of them at the party. It could be anything from a red coat over a plain white tee or a green skirt paired with a black top, the possibilities are endless!


2.    Sparkle in glitter


When in a party, the main goal you want to achieve there besides mingling with important people is to standout from the ordinary crowd. Since it is Christmas, do not be afraid to outshine (literally) everyone at the party with a sparkly glitter dress. However, avoid going too over the top and just stick to one piece of glitter item. Minimize your jewellery game when you already have a glitter dress on.


3.    Dressed down suits


If you want to maintain your professional attire even at a party, you can wear a suit to it. Just dress it down a little, though, to make your outfit more casual-looking and relaxed as opposed to your same boring 9-to-5 outfit you wear to work every weekday. Have fun a little with your suits like wearing a turtleneck underneath it instead of your usual white dress shirt or put on a suit you would never wear to the office like a burgundy velvet one.


4.    Holiday sweaters


No, no, these are not those ugly Christmas sweaters with a big reindeer print plastered in front of it. We are talking about holiday-themed sweaters with more style and class which you can wear anywhere at any time even when it is not a holiday. Go for sweaters with subtle holiday patterns that does not scream out Christmas and match it with a nice pair of blue jeans.


5.    A simple LBD

Paris str F17 537.jpg

However, if nothing goes your way, you can always wear a black dress which is universally accepted for any occasion. Just make sure you add a little Christmas element to your simple outfit. Maybe a Christmas-themed bracelet with a pair of red stilettos on?



Those are just some of the many examples for dressing up at an office Christmas party. How would you dress for it? Tell us at the comments section below!