Why Taking A Break Is A Bad Relationship Idea


The words “take a break” is probably the worst thing to hear when you are in a relationship. It might be even worse than an actual breakup! But why do some people still use this line as if it would not ever affect their relationship in any way?

We are going to be straight with you. Taking a break in a relationship is a very, very bad idea. Period. No, it will not “help” your relationship neither will it strengthen the bond you two have. Some couples are lucky enough to be able to patch things up and go on strongly after a break, but most of them fail and eventually breakup.

As an anti-take-a-break believer ourselves, here we share some of the reasons why taking a break in a relationship is a bad idea.

1.    Adds more miscommunication


Unless there are crystal clear terms the both of you agree to when having a break, it will most likely lead to miscommunications between the both of you as it is a confusing situation. A lot of couples who take breaks do not understand what they can and cannot do, and what they should and should not do in this state. These miscommunications are unnecessary and only adds to whatever problem you had that prompted this break.


2.    Isn’t fixing anything


A lot of couples assume that a break is the restart button in a relationship when in truth, it is far from it. Taking a break does not automatically undo the wrongs in the relationship and turn good when (if) you get back together. It actually does not fix anything at all. Presumably, when the both of you are not talking to each other during this break, you will not be able to solve the problems you have due to the temporary non-existing communication.


3.    Creates room for doubts


When in a break, you start to have doubts about the relationship you are in. Random thoughts and questions that you would not dare to ask yourself pop up suddenly which will leave room for uncertainties. Even if you get back together after the break, you are still left with these unnecessary doubts that could hurt the already rekindled relationship.


4.    Leaves room for affairs

One huge misconception of a relationship time out is that you are allowed to sleep with other people for the time being. The freedom you have during a break does not mean you can get together with other people just to fill your void. A lot of people tend to misuse this by making it an excuse to get it on with other people. Remember Ross and Rachel and the hot girl from the Xerox place in “Friends”? Remember how that turned out?


5.    A coward’s way out

To sum up what a break really means in a brutally honest way, it is a coward’s way out of a relationship. It is a pre-breakup, so to speak. You are unsure of the relationship and clearly want to break it off, but you do not want to be seen as the villain of the story. Honestly, nobody likes being the bad guy but taking a break only makes the breakup worse. So, do yourself a favour, give back your significant other’s favourite hoodie, return her/his things, and just breakup like a normal human being.



For you couples who are thinking of taking a break, please don’t. Work things out properly like adults and figure things out. Have you ever been in a break before? Did you finally get back together or was the experience horrible? Share with us in the comments section below.