Women Crush December Issue- Up Close & Personal with Zeera Azizi

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As everyone is enjoying their long holidays, you might have thought that we have forgotten about this month’s women crush. Ending the year on a high note, we had the chance to get up close and personal with one of the finalist from Dewi Remaja 18/19 competition, Nurazeera Azzi or also known as Zeera Azizi. This lovely 22 year old lady is full of positive vibes and rocking a career as a flight Stewardess at Malindo Airways while chasing her modelling dreams. Read our interview with her down below.

1.    Everyone has their own story of life. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. We would love to know.

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Actually I started working as a stewardess with Air Asia since I was 18. After I finished my SPM, I did not plan to further my study because I want to survive independently with my own money plus  my SPM result quite good as well ( I’ got 4A’s). So I’ve been working with Air Asia 2 years then I resigned because I was selected to represent Pahang Bowling Squad for Sukma 2016 in Sarawak. I started to play bowling since I was 12 years old. After completing Sukma, I decided to fly once again. So I joined Malindo Air in 2016 til now but I’m taking unpaid leave because I went to join Dewi Remaja 18/19.


2.    We discovered that you are participating in the Dewi Remaja 18/19 contest. Share with us what you have learnt throughout the journey.

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I’ve learnt a lot in Dewi Remaja. I did things that I never expected. Being in Dewi Remaja is not easy as u see. It’s really tough because you need to completely fbe ready mentally and physically as you have no idea what tasks you will be given. They won’t tell you anything. But it’s quite fun because I’ve got new friends which are like a  New Huge Family.


3.    In three words, describe to us your personality.

Calm, easy going, friendly.


4.    How would you describe your sense of style?

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Actually I love wearing Casual Style because I’m kind of a simple person. I don’t like heavy fabric so what I am always wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. But even I love simple look, I will still choose something classy yet simple.


5.    Sneakers? Flats? High heels?

I love wearing sneakers! I have a lot of sneakers. I’m not into heels because I’m quite tall so when I’m wearing heels it looks awkward I guess. That’s why I prefer sneakers over heels.


6.    What are three items in your closet do you wear the most?

Nike Hoodie, blue skinny jeans, skull t-shirt.


7.    You have flawless natural skin! We are curious about your skin care regime. Please let us in on the secret!   

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My skincare routine is every month I will do facial at My Clinic and all my skincare products are from My Clinic as well.


8.    You are always on point with your makeup, what are your beauty must-haves to always nail the look you are aiming for?

I’m not so good in makeup. But as you know, I work as stewardess so I have to put makeup on every day. Therefore, I always try something new while I’m doing my makeup and it helped me to improvise my makeup skills day by day.


9.    What is your go-to lipstick shade?

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I like to wear nude lipstick. I don’t go for bright coloured lipsticks because my skin tone is not too fair so I don’t think it suits me well. I feel more confident when I put on nude colour. My favourite lipstick is Back In Vogue from MAC.


10.    In your opinion, what is one beauty tip that everyone should not ignore?

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Everyone has their own beauty tips. For me, nobody is ugly. It is just that we have to know how to display our beauty.  All you need is just to be confident with your looks, trust me, you will look absolutely gorgeous!


11.    What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

I can sing and I had my own song! I released my single in 2016. You can check it out in YouTube “Azeera Azizi ft Bheart-Kehilangan”.


12.    Which Disney princess do you identify the most?

I really love Cinderella since I was little. Because she taught me no matter how bad your life is, don’t ever feel like you are an unlucky person because you never knew what will happen in the future.


13.    If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I wanna be invisible so that I can do whatever I want without people noticing me.


14. What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

When I was young, I wish I knew when I will get married because I want to have a beautiful wedding dress just like a Cinderella.


15.    What is your current life theme song?

The Climb- Miley Cyrus. Because life has its ups and downs. This song lyric is really powerful for me as it teaches me not to ever give up in whatever situations.


16.    If you are stranded on an island and can only bring five things with you, what would it be?

Mobile phone, sweater, shoes, gun (in case there’s any wild animals), lipstick


17.    Name us one place in the world that you would love to travel to.

I wanna go to Paris!


18.    If you had the chance to experience someone’s career for one day, whose would it be? And why?

If I had that chance, I want to experience Gigi Hadid’s career. Because she has a perfect body and a successful life as a model. I really want to be like her one day.


19.    Every woman should know how to…….

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Every woman should know how to maintain classy in wherever she goes so that no one will look down on you.


20.    What is your advice to girls who want to follow their dreams?

If you have dreams, you have to fulfill your dreams no matter what the risk will take. Trust in yourself. Do something with all your heart and believe me that your wish will happen in a blink of an eye.


Have you fallen head over heels for our women crush this month? Follow her on Instagram @zeera.azizi. Who would you like to see on next year’s segment? Leave your ideas down below.