10 Things You Should Know About Labour

Bearing a child is every woman’s dream but in reality, not all are granted the chance to experience it. So if you’re among the chosen ones to give birth, remember to extend your gratitude to The Creator who made it all happen. And that said, labour is also a huge thing that you should be prepared for. First-time expectant parents don’t usually know what to expect and how to prepare beforehand so take this article as the jump-start to widen your horizon about labour, because below are listed 10 things expectant parents should know about labour and birth.

1.       One needs to acknowledge that labour is a process of pain and no one can negate that. It may happen over long or short hours depending on your body.

2.       Because of that, remember to stay calm till the end because there’ll be times when you lose the ability to speak just because surges are extremely strong.

3.       Even when you feel like you cannot take it anymore, your cervix is only 6cm-dilatated. Mothers, there’s nothing much that you can do apart from waiting patiently, calmly and with serenity.

4.       If it’s too aching, opt for painkillers since there are heaps of means to counter the pain. So get your hands on this knowledge and seek advice from your ObyGyn.

5.       Read about the stages of labour and how your body reacts to each of them. While cervix dilatation usually happens at 1cm per hour for first time expectant mothers, there are three stages of labour that you should master.

6.       With today’s technology, the videos and free online classes are enormously available in just a few clicks away.  We are not talking about labour videos with blood and the graphic images. But the marketing videos that offer short sessions conducted by midwives and birthing instructors. They’ll provide insights about labour positions, ways to reduce surge pain and affirmative sayings to keep a positive mind about labour. Make use of them, Youtube them all!

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7.       Your relationship with your husband might get tested, this is the real deal. Especially when communication begins to break down as he doesn’t know how to help out, while you’re in severe pain that you couldn’t even utter your words. Due to this, discuss in advance about each other’s roles. If you have no idea what to talk about, seek advices from your friends and family.

8.       Another way to gain insights on labour is by joining the birthing and antenatal classes at the hospital you’re planning to go. They’ll usually have the basic know-how taught in the session with tour to the labour room so you’ll get some heads up about labour. Spending a little extra money on knowledge is always a long lasting investment.

9.       I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay calm during your labour and to have your breathing controlled. Do not let the surges take control over your thoughts because you are in charge of your body.

10.   When pushing, keep going and do not give up. You have a long maternity leave to catch-up with your sleep later. So ride the wave mothers!

I may not be able to say it all with such confined space but hope that this article sparks the eagerness in you to begin reading, youtube-ing and doing your research. Even when you have started so, add more to the to-read list and have meaningful discussions with friends and family especially if you have the luxury of knowing a doctor or medical practitioner because they could offer more about the science behind labour.

Anyway, what are your thoughts about labour preparation? Share them in the comments below so we could all learn a thing or two. And don’t forget to share my article for the benefits of more mothers out there!