5 Unexpected Great Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

As we are nearing the end of January and have set our New Year’s resolution goals, it is time for couples to fill the air with love for this coming Valentine’s Day. Whether you just started dating or married for years, there is nothing wrong in celebrating your time as a couple. Yes, we often hear why not celebrate your loved ones every single day but it is fun to join in the lovely day too especially when a lot of the shopping malls, cafes and restaurants are romantically decorated. It is also the perfect photo opportunity for you and your partner.  However, if you have no idea how to plan your date on Valentine’s Day, check out our list below for some insights.

1.    Go Bowling


If you and your partner prefer a casual fun setting, go bowling and be goofy. It does not matter whether you are good at the game or not, the point is to just have fun! Be supportive to one another, count your score together and be a adorably competitive with your loved one.


2.    Beach Picnic


Instead of the usual candle light dinner date, how about be laid back in your shorts and tank top for a nice picnic by the beach. You could also stun your partner by wearing a cute sun dress too. You could cook homemade lunch to impress your loved one or simply bring a large pizza box and chat away. Not only that, you could also bring out your childhood memories together by building up sand castles or swimming in the ocean.


 3.    Hiking


For the adventurous couples, why not challenge your relationship on the special day by going for a hike together. Pack your backpacks with everything you both need and start your survival mode hiking up the mountains. This is a great date to test your communications, ability to have fun and supporting one another. If you can survive this date, you can definitely survive your relationship for years to come.  


4.    Spend the whole day together


If you and your partner have no idea what to do on Valentine’s Day, don’t fret as you can seize the day by spending it from morning til night doing random stuffs. Wake up and have brunch at your favourite spot, go to the movies at noon, wander about in town, go for a shopping spree and end the day with a nice dinner or dancing the night away.


5.    Go out with your couple friends


For those who want Valentine’s Day to be filled with laughter and jokes, invite your couple friends to come over and throw a party. Play the newlywed games, charades, watch Netflix and share your couple stories with each other so you can all relate.


So what are your Valentine’s Day plans this coming month? Share it in the comment section below.