[Beauty 101] 5 Basic Rules for Skincare Rookies

Are you getting fed up with your oily face, acne, blemishes and feel jealous of others who are blessed with flawless looking skin? If you are and you want to get that perfect porcelain skin, fret not as here we are giving you five basic rules especially for those skincare rookies. Everyone must know the basics before going forward with a religious skincare routine. Check these basic rules below to understand that even the smallest change makes a difference to reaching your skin goals.

1.     Do not sleep with makeup


Okay, this is not a myth. It is 100% true! Never ever sleep with your makeup on. It does not matter how tired you are coming back from work or a date night, please make sure you wash your painted face off before heading to bed. This is because it will lead to clogged pores and you might have acne the next day or two. So be wise and rinse off that makeup away.


2.     Change your pillow sheets


While you are sleeping, your face and hair might secrete out some oil. The excess oil will remain on your pillow sheets so changing your pillow sheets at least once a month is good. Not only is it good for your skin but also helps make you feel fresh sleeping with new sheets on.


3.     Wash your face


You might have heard that some people do not use facial cleanser to wash their face. And it is okay! Whether you use a facial cleanser product or not, the important thing is to never miss washing your face twice a day. One of a good facial cleanser for individuals with sensitive skin is Laneige Multi Cleanser_EX or something with tea tree oil.


4.     Never skip moisturizer


A lot of people underestimate the use of applying moisturizer in the morning and night. Moisturize helps hydrates the skin giving you a healthier refresh look when you are out and about.


5.     Keep your hands to yourself

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The Selena Gomez hit song ‘ Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself’ might be your current theme song but you should definitely keep your hands to yourself regarding your skincare routine. Do not touch your face as your hands might be dirty from all the things you touched. If you want to avoid acne from developing on your face, do not dare to touch your face when you haven’t washed your hands.


So are these simple basic tips helpful for you? What other beauty tips do you want us to share next time? Feel free to leave your beauty suggestion topics down below.