[Beauty 101] Overnight Beauty Tips to Wake Up Beautiful Like a Princess

It cannot be denied that every girl loved watching the Disney princesses while they were growing up. The fairytales, the elegance and the beauty each princesses displays in each Disney stories. We often wonder how do we get that flawless supple skin and have a great hair day. If you want to achieve that princess beauty goals, here are some beauty tips that you could practice every time before going to bed.

1.     Erase wrinkles


As we age, we are bound to get in trouble with wrinkles forming so be smart in taking care of your skin from a young age. Apply anti-aging serum daily as it definitely helps you out in the long run. Not only that, never fail to wash your face from all the excess oil and dirt to feel more refresh.


2.     Detangle your hair


Before going to bed, make sure to always detangle your hair by combing it. As you will be tossing and turning while you are asleep, try tying your hair up in a bun so you will wake up with the perfect princess hair the next morning.


3.     Moisturized Lips


Whether you sleep in an air-conditioned room or dehydrated, you will have crack dry lips. Therefore, never fail to miss your beauty routine in moisturizing your lips with a nice lip balm or lip serum. Leave your lips covered with it overnight and you surely will have smooth supple lips.


4.     Soft hands


Do you ever feel like you are beauty queen when you have soft smooth hands?  This is easy as you can apply it during the day and night after taking a shower. Once your skin is clean, you can apply some moisturizing lotion on your hands and even other parts of your body. Keep a bottle of lotion at your night stand and even your handbag so you can grab it anytime you want.


So how do you keep yourself feeling like a princess every morning? Share it down below.