How to Get Your Chinese New Year Groove On

As we know, Chinese New Year is around the corner and all the shopping malls or even your offices are decorated with the red dragon theme. A new year is a great start to a new beginning so be different, improve, learn new things or even upgrade your own self.  If you have no clue what you are going to do to get that Chinese New Year groove on this year, here are some ways that might just do the trick.

1.     Paint your nails


Look at those nails girl! Do they did a new manicure and pedicure? Yes they do! If you want to get into the Chinese New Year mood on, the colour red is the choice. However, if you prefer to go more modern, bedazzle your nails or go for neutral painted nails. Your new nails will definitely help put your CNY mood in gear fast.


2.     Embrace all the red

Paris m str S18 054.jpg

Be traditional and go for the classic red looks heading into these few days towards Chinese New Year. Whether you want that timeless red cheongsam look or go modern with a nice red dress, jumpsuit or blouse, flaunt this shade everywhere you go. Or if you don’t want too much attention your way, you can always be subtle by wearing hints of red for your look, for example, a red handbag or red statement earrings.


3.     Get a makeover


The best way to lift yourself for the CNY spirit is by getting a whole new look. Get the makeover to storm your way into a new chapter this year. You can change your wardrobe style, get a new hairstyle or even change the way you do your makeup. Step out feeling confident as ever and stun everyone around you with your new makeover appearance. Not only that, apply a red lipstick shade as a boost too.


4.     Spruce up your closet


For this year, why not spruce up your closet and do some spring clean. The rule of thumb is to take away anything that has been damaged or hasn’t been worn for over a year. Separate it into three piles of sell, donate or throw so it helps you to be organized. After that, you can definitely do some shopping for the latest trends in fashion to complete your makeover.


5.     Be more positive


Another way to feel that Chinese New Year mood is to be more positive in life. Be kind, be giving, be forgiving and be caring to others. There is too much negativity in this world so let’s help balance it out by bringing more happiness to people around us.


So what are other ways that you can get your CNY groove on this year? Let us know in the comment section below.