How to Maintain A High CGPA in College

College life can be really tough. Instead of having to be independent in living your own life and far from your parents, you also have to work hard to maintain a high CGPA so you can have a brighter future and be graduated. Grades are the measure of college success. Here are some tips and advice on how to maintain a high CGPA in your college.

1. You want a high CGPA


The most important in having something in your life is you must want it. If getting a higher score in your exam is your priority, you will get it as you will try your best to achieve your goals. This means you are ready to sacrifice things to achieve your dreams such us watching your favourite drama episodes, going out with your friends and spending your money, or even sacrificing some sleep time All good things will come if you put your mind to it.


2. Make a plan and make sure to have consistency


College life isn’t like high school. There are no parents or teachers to remind you everything you need to do. You have to list it all by yourself. When you have a dream, you should know what to do every day to make sure you achieve your goals. Set your own time in balancing them with your studies, working out, enjoying some entertainment after a heavy period of lectures, taking notes or even going to meet your own lecturers to ask for some tips.

You need to know that studying is like  working out where it is done best in shorter period regularly. It means you have to study consistently (it would be daily) so your brain could remember everything you read. Do not push yourself to study hard from day to night. Take breaks in between or set a few hours but do it consistently for example every night. Learn to study smart not study hard.

Make sure to always make yourself be more organized like remembering the dates of exams, what to study for the quiz and so on. What grades you will get depends on what the efforts you put in. And last but not least, please make sure to always show up in your class as attendance is part of the grade at the end of the semester.


3. Joining the community


Even though you have to give more commitment on studying, it doesn’t meant you have to avoid yourself from joining the community groups. Do not neglect the fact that you will become depressed and have no friends if all you ever do is studying all the time. Some students have improve their grades by creating ‘study buddies’ or going to study groups especially with the students who excel in their exams. So get your backpacks ready and change your knowledge together.


So what are your tips in maintaining your CGPA? Let us know in the comment section below.