How to Wear the Chinese New Year Fashion Trends This Year

As we are nearing the Chinese New Year weekend, it cannot be denied that you probably have your outfits planned out for the festive celebration. If you are someone who wants a modern twist to your look this year, here are ways on how you can wear the Chinese New Year trends with style. Take a look below.

1.    Oriental Flavour

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Bring that floral oriental touch this year to show off that feminine innocent of you. Whether you choose to flaunt a nice oriental dress or blouse, it definitely makes you appear fresh and ready to start the year positively. For those who prefer an edge touch, you could always rock an oriental look of bomber jackets layered over your t-shirt and match it with stylish jeans.


2.    Classic Red

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Who can every stay away from the lucky colour red during the CNY celebration? It gives you ONG! But instead of the traditional red cheongsams, why not flaunt a nice red dress to captivate others attention on you. Complete your red dress with a pair of high heels and splatter on a hint of red bold lipstick. The colour red is prefect to bring out your energy and A-game to lead the year with full of luck.


3.    Mandarin Collars


For those who prefer a simple blouse on their casual Chinese New Year celebration but still want a certain element of the festivity, mandarin collars definitely does the trick. Find a blouse designed with mandarin collars and work it with class with a nice pair of comfortable pants or skirts.


So what are your favourite classic Chinese New Year trends this year? How will you be celebrating your CNY? Share it with us in the comment section below.