OWN NOW: It’s Not Just a Moment, It’s a Movement


By Karen Khor

In the course of navigating through a world where our newsfeeds are a constant stream of updates on yet another image reflecting our community’s romanticized vision of perfection, emulation seems to be the clearest path towards attaining social desirability.

But what if the reason we find ourselves struggling to become that image of perfection is simply because we were never meant to be anyone other than our authentic selves?

Every individual is unique, and OWN NOW is a call to start paying attention to the voice within you and let it take lead. It is a celebration of authenticity, diversity, empowerment, individuality, self- expression and personal style.


ZALORA: When it comes to your beauty style, how would you best describe it?

Anda: I used to be a very colorful pop girl, but now i like the “bad and bougie” look. I’ve been trying to nail that powerful look for years! People always come up to me to ask for directions on the streets, maybe because I like walking with a smile on my face. It’s not that I don’t want to be friendly anymore. Being bubbly is great! I guess I just want to experiment with different attitudes and see where it takes me. We have one whole life, why live it just being one version of yourself? Every day is a new day, you know! Who you are yesterday doesn’t define who you can be today.

ZALORA: Interesting! So does this mean you go through different phases and looks?

Anda: Definitely! Actually, it depends on my haircut. I realize every time I cut my hair, I transform into someone else. When I have long hair, I’m in dresses and skirts and you will never see me in jeans (ew!) and the minute I go the other extreme and shorter(with my hair) I’ll be in jeans again. 

ZALORA: So what is the one constant in your personality throughout all these versions of yourself?

Anda: I guess it’s always to just stay positive. No matter what gets thrown at me, I take it with a smile. People look up to me because they think my life is easy, but everyone has their own problems. It’s just how we choose to deal with it. I can choose to be sad, or I can just put it in a folder at the back of my head and move on. Because we could die anytime, and I don’t want to die sad.

ZALORA: And who do you hope to inspire?

Anda: It would be the people out there who feel like they are different and are ashamed of it. I want them to know that they should stop feeling ashamed. I get DMs from people saying that they don’t think I understand how it feels because I wake up and I look great. But they don’t see me! They don’t see how I wake up! Even though I always wear make up, I love myself without (makeup)! You need to love yourself with and without make up!


Someone once pointed out that I have a gap in my teeth, and it made her feel like it was alright that she had one too. And I’m like, yeah! It’s normal! You know, stop trying to hide it and not smiling because of it! 

You become really beautiful when you are confident, because no one can hate you if you don’t hate yourself.