Tips for Flying with Babies or Toddler



  If we are traveling for a long distance, we always want to avoid sitting close to the parents who bring a little baby or toddler because of the fears of listening to their cries and screams. For parents who boards plane with babies and young children, they know that the behavior of the child is unexpected and may cause other passengers to be unimpressed. Here some tips that can be helpful while boarding and make everyone feel more comfortable on their flight journey




       When travelling by a plane, the parents should try to book a seat that has a bassinet connection (usually available for the hot seat and depends on airlines facilities) and a separate seat for your older child, if needed. Beware of the turbulence that may be faced in flight if you use the bassinet for your child because the evidence suggests that lap seating children are among those who are most likely to suffer injury or death in the event of an accident or severe turbulence. You should keep your child strapped in on takeoff and landing and as much as possible during the flight.




       Next, if your baby is cranky suffering because of the air pressure change during takeoff and landing, encourage him to breastfeed, suck on a bottle or drink his sippy cup. It is safer for both of you to be securely buckled in. Keep in mind that not all babies or toddler experience ear pain, so use your judgment. If your baby is sleeping soundly, leave him be and he might get through the takeoff or landing without any trouble. He will probably wake up from the discomfort if he is bothered.




       Not only that, you should bring extra clothing and extra diapers in your carry-on luggage. If traveling by plane, dress your baby or toddler in layers that can be taken off if your child gets too hot, or layered back on if your child gets too cold (you are also advised to bring a blanket for your baby) to avoid the cold temperature in the place. A cold baby is a crying baby. And remember, whether you are traveling by plane or other transportation, messes can happen. Therefore, always have an extra outfit and diapers close by which can be easy to access. Make early preparations just in case anything happens.




       Last but not least, bring your child’s favourite toys along the journey. This can be a source of comfort and entertain them during the journey or after. Make sure you only bring the soft toys and nothing that has sharp edges or that can hurt him if there is any turbulence. Rather than giving the medicine for babies to sleep, you should give your baby’s favourite toys to associate with bedtime giving him the cues that help him know it is time to take a nap.


So what are your experiences while travelling with a little child? Feel free to share it in the comment section below