Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Your Special Date

Valentine’s Day is the day where couples come together to celebrate their relationship. Whether they are newly dating ones to married couples, everyone takes the chance to get a special date planned to reminisce on their good memories. So if you are planning to go for a vacation together, have a nice candle light dinner, picnic dates or spend your day out in town, here are some Valentine’s Day outfit ideas that you could pull off with style while accessorizing it with nice Swarovski accessories.

1.    The Classic Red Dress

Paris str S18 849.jpg
Paris str S18 075b.jpg

This is the easiest pick to celebrate the day as it gives you that empowering feel and you can rock it with a nice bold red lipstick on. A red dress whether a bodycon dress, maxi dress or evening dress, wear something that fits the occasion. Be the center of attention and your partner will never take their eyes off you.


2.    Elegant Laces

New York str S17 844.jpg
New York str S17 009.jpg

For a sweet innocent next door girl look, anything with lace is the perfect choice. However for the Valentine’s Day, lace dresses will make you appear elegant and poised. Go for pastel colours to achieve that sweet look or go for dark colours to get a sexy vibe.


3.    Sweet Pink

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Paris str S18 1264.jpg

Be a little bit girl and feminine by flaunting a pink outfit on your date. It will definitely soften your features and bring out that eloquent side of you towards your partner. Go for flowy materials like satin, chiffon or cotton so that you have that twirl factor. Whether a pink dress or pink top matched with a nice skirt, this look will capture your lovers attention on you the entire date.


So which V-day look would you pull together for your date? Feel free to share us your looks in the comment section below by leaving your Instagram names.