What Children Really Need


Some of us are privileged enough to have a happy childhood. I remember spending time playing with my siblings, enjoying school and of course being disciplined by my parents which I look back with humility. Basically it was one of the best times of my life. Which is what childhood should be like.

So in light of recent events it breaks our heart to hear of tragedies involving children. How some people can treat them cruelly and how twisted a child’s world has become nowadays is beyond our comprehension. This post aims to bring us back to the essential things a child should be given. In truth, kids are probably the easiest to please and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they really need. With the right ingredients we all should try to make their childhood a time they will fondly remember. So what do they really need?

1. Play Time

children in a group.jpg

Kids thrive on play time. Not only does it give them freedom to be creative and hang loose, it teaches them to socialize too. But it's not enough to just give them the time and space for that, for as parents, taking some time to play together is something more priceless. So give them some attention and join in the fun once in a while. They'll remember it forever.


2. Compassion

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They may seem small and naive but they also go through things that are difficult to handle from the perspective of a child. A simple task like tying their shoelaces or even coloring in the lines may prove challenging. So what they need is a little compassion and understanding from us adults about what they're facing. In other words a little patience and empathy goes a long way for a child to grow.


3. Discipline and Guidance

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This is a given. Besides providing them with basic clothing and other material things, more than ever they need direction and they need guidance. Disciplining doesn't mean that you have to go round punishing them for every mistake. Ensure that when the time is right the child knows how to differentiate between right and wrong and is led on the right path. After all children are but a white canvas their parents are responsible of coloring.


4. Love

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Ultimately when one loves their children they will try their best, within their capacity, to give the best in life to them. They'd make time, support, encourage and be there for them. Love breeds love and that's the way we should lead our life. If people can stick to that belief the world could be a less meaner place for these innocent beings called children.

Do you remember your childhood? Or have children of your own? Why not share a thing or two about raising kids the best way down below or about your own experience growing up. We'd love to hear from you.