5 Common Mistakes When Shaping Eyebrows

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By Wulandari Natlia

Every woman wants an eyebrows on fleek. However, many think that drawing on brows is one of the most difficult steps of makeup application. 

Getting the perfect eyebrow shape does requires extra patience but is actually not as difficult as you might think. You just need to avoid these common mistakes:

1. Over-Shaving Eyebrows

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Think shaving your eyebrows makes it easier for you to shape them. Think again! 

In addition to looking unnatural, too-thin brows actually make you look older. But if you do have very thin eyebrows, you can work around this by using some brow wax and brow powder to create a natural effect while filling in your brows.


2. Equalising Eyebrow Shape


You should know that brows are sisters, not twins. So it’s okay if you do not have the exact same eyebrow shape. If you insist on equalizing the shape of the eyebrows, your face might look asymmetrical or your eyebrows might look too thick and unnatural.


3. Drawing From The Base


If you draw an eyebrow from the base, your eyebrows will look unnatural. The tip is to start drawing eyebrows from the middle to the end, then brush from the center to the base.


4. Incorrect Color Selecting


When you want to refine your eyebrow shape using a brow pencil, do not use the same eyebrow color with your original eyebrow color. Go for one or two shades lighter than your original brow color to create a more natural look.


5. Senseless Copying


You might wish to have brows like Emma Watson or Gigi Hadid. But before you start copying their look, you need to figure out if the shape of their eyebrows matches your face. Find out your face shape and the sort of brows it is suitable for before having a go at them.

To have a perfect eyebrow shape requires no little amount of experimentation and practice. However, avoid the mistakes above and you are already miles ahead in getting your desired brows. Good luck!


What are some other brow-shaping tips you have? Share them in the Comments section below!