5 Lipstick Colours Recommended for Full Lips


What colour of lipstick will make your pout even more stunning?

By Wulandari Natlia

Choosing the right lipstick requires some consideration — from your skin tone to the fullness of your lips. For those of you who have fuller lips, this one’s for you. We tested an array of lipstick shades that will make your makeup even more stunning. Here are some for your consideration:

Candy Floss Pink


This colour looks soft and not excessive, and works on a range of lip shapes and fullness. Plus, it is versatile enough for both formal and informal events — simply top with a shade of red if you’re going for a slightly more mature look.




Red is one colour that flatters every woman regardless of the shape of her lips. Pick a shade that complements your skin tone — bright red or coral works for fairer skin tones, while darker ones go better with purplish red.



Berardi bty F10 008.jpg

For formal evening events, berry is your ultimate choice! Pair with nude or minimal makeup to let your lip colour pop. This deep, rich shade will steal the show with its classic and mysterious charm.




This shade is for any woman looking for a fresh, youthful look. Rose matte lipstick lends a “not a girl, not yet a woman” vibe, and is understated while playing up your best asset.



Beccaria bbt S17 010.jpg

Nude lipstick has grown increasingly popular thanks to the full-lipped Kardashian-Jenner clan. For the no-makeup makeup look, simply add a dash of some nude-coloured lipstick and swipe on some mascara. You’d have nailed low-key chic.