5 Travel Essentials Every Man Needs


By Daniel Loh

Going somewhere? Don’t forget to include our list of essentials in your exciting travel plans. Small in size but big on features, these items make all the difference between a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a forgettable journey.

Sneak Picks

If you’re going to be clocking serious mileage throughout your trip, skip the sandals and step out in shoes that offer total comfort without cramping your style. Your best bet’s a pair of running-inspired sneakers, like the New Balance 574 Sport, a reinterpretation of the classic 574 model from back in the day.

These kicks pack a serious punch with improved cushioning technology, lightweight materials and a rugged outsole that’s ideal for most terrain. Urban exploration? Bring it on!


Skincare on the Go

You’re likely to face weather conditions that aren’t favourable at all, whether it’s the blistering heat or freezing cold. And let’s be real, lugging your full skincare regimen around is not the least bit practical.

Why not take a travel kit instead? Easy to use and easier to dispose, you’ll be freeing up precious space in your bag and looking like you just stepped out from a five-star hotel, even when it’s really just a backpackers’ inn.


Throw Some Shade

Never let the sun hinder you from taking in the spectacular views, wherever that may be. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses that don’t just protect your eyes, but show off your free-spirited personality too.

                                    Privé Revaux Limited Edition The Benz Sunglasses


                                Privé Revaux Limited Edition The Benz Sunglasses

And hey, you decide when you should be spotted in shades. Who’s to say you can’t trudge through town in tinted glasses, turning heads with that air of mystery around you?


Timeless Timepieces

Venturing into the unknown means needing all sorts of information at your fingertips. Think map directions, weather updates and even messages from your new-found friends.

Ease up on your smartphone with an equally smart watch that does it all. Bonus points if your timepiece, like this Samsung Gear Sport right here, can take a beating and keep on going.


Bring on the Bag

Bet you didn’t see this coming. A packable backpack doesn’t immediately come to mind on any travel checklist, but this nifty accessory lets you carry the usual stuff and stows away conveniently when you don’t need it.

Makes sense, no? Plain or patterned, the underrated backpack adds a nice finishing touch to your outfit as well. Excuse us while we unpack ours.


What other essentials would you bring for your next vacation? Share them with us here!