6 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is A Natural Beauty Solution


By Phoebe Peh

Coconut Oil — The Miracle Product

Ever wished for a product that can solve your beauty woes? Look no further than the humble coconut oil. This versatile oil is the Holy Grail for many skincare experts. It is natural, anti-fungal, and antibacterial, possesses a multitude of health benefits and is an excellent moisturiser too.

Before you load up your cart, always make sure that the coconut oil is virgin, cold-pressed and organic. And here are some beauty uses of coconut oil you can enjoy:

1. Moisturiser

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Dry skin, begone! Coconut oil is one of the best moisturisers compared to any average face moisturiser. It provides deep hydration and, although oily, is easily absorbed into the skin.


2. Lip balm


Before you swipe on your lipstick, make sure your lips are well exfoliated and moisturised to ensure longer-staying colour.

Just as with your skin, coconut oil works perfectly on your lips. You can also mix coconut oil with brown sugar to exfoliate for soft and smooth lips.

3. Cure eye styes

If you’re prone to styes, coconut oil is the perfect solution for you. Dab a bit of coconut oil on the tip of a cotton bud and gently apply on the affected area. I recommend doing this before you sleep as the oil may cloud your vision temporarily. There shouldn’t be any discomfort if you’re using organic virgin coconut oil, though.

4. Waterproof makeup remover

Makeup that won’t budge? Coconut oil will be able to remove it easily. Apply some coconut oil onto your face and wipe your face with a cotton pad. All that stubborn makeup will be removed, leaving your face hydrated at the same time. Wash your face afterwards.

5. Under-eye cream

If you’re suffering from serious dark eye circles, take a little bit of coconut oil and gently warm it between your fingers before dabbing it beneath your eyes every day. Not only will you keep your under-eye hydrated, you’ll be rejuvenating that area too!

6. Hair mask


If you didn’t already know this, coconut oil also works wonder for your hair. Simply apply it to your hair like how you would for any hair mask, wrap an old T-shirt or towel around your head and leave it in overnight. Wash your hair the next day when you wake up, and be prepared to have the best hair day ever!

Quick Tip: Coconut oil solidifies at any temperature below 24 degrees Celsius so don’t store it in the refrigerator!

What are some other tips you have involving coconut oil? Share them in the Comments section below!