[Beauty 101] How to Keep Your Skin Radiant Throughout A Long Haul Flight


Travelling can be very exhausting and stressful at the same time. With the environment change, hustling around and the recycled aircraft air conditioning may indirectly lead to our skin becoming dry and we definitely don’t want to have a breakout on our face for our planned getaway. So how do we keep our skin radiant to survive that long haul flight? Let’s read down below.

1.     Apply serum


Before the flight, make sure you apply serum on your face so that your face is moisturized and hydrated. The serum helps to seal the moisture on your face but if you have oily skin, switch the serum with facial oil instead. Dab a few drops onto your skin and you no longer worry about your skin becoming dehydrated during your long hour flight.


2.     Mist your face


During the flight, if you feel that your skin is becoming dry or you just want a quick refresh, mist your face with water. Carry with you a tiny bottle of face mist spray so you could use it when you feel that your skin needs that pick me up from a tired wait.


3.     Exfoliate


As soon as you land and checked in your hotel, first thing to do is wash your face with your preferred facial cleanser and exfoliate. Exfoliating helps remove excess oil and dirt from your face. It deeply cleanse out your pores and this lessens the risk of you having breakouts from that long haul trip.


4.     Face mask


Before you head out, relax yourself with a face mask to put the moisture back in and take time to rest in bed. Face mask has that magic touch that will make you feel better immediately and ready to start your adventures.


So what are your beauty tips for a long haul flight? Do share with us in the comment section down below.