[Beauty 101] How to Prep the Perfect Beauty Bag


As women, we always need to have our beauty bag on standby so we could quickly have our touch up whenever we need it. However what are the things you need to store in your emergency beauty bag in order to get yourself equipped well if you are travelling, at work or even at parties. Check out how to prep your perfect beauty bag by following these tips down below.

1.     Pick your basic daily makeup


Identify what are your basic makeup items that you need on a daily basis which includes lipstick, powder, foundation, mascara and eyeliner. If you prefer to give some structure to your face, bring along blusher and bronzer as well. Pick the best makeup which suits your skin tone and can be grabbed whenever you are in dire need of a quick makeup look.


2.     Toss in a small tube of acne treatment


This is crucial as acne treatment will definitely help you treat your sudden pimple that pops out. You can never know when a breakout is going to occur so always have one small tube in your beauty bag.


3.     Carry a small bottle of your signature perfume


Never ever forget to have a small bottle of your favourite signature perfume in your beauty bag so you can freshen up. As we go our way throughout the day, we may feel insecure with our body odour and spraying your signature scent definitely brings your confidence back.


4.     Lip balm power


Who loves chapped dry lips? Well, here is why lip balm is important for you to apply throughout the day to keep your lips smooth and supple. It solves your dry lip issues in a matter of seconds.


So are you ready to re-create your perfect beauty bag? If yes, what are the things you think you would need in yours? Share it down below.