[Beauty 101] Morning Beauty Habits That Will Make You Looking More Fabulous


It cannot be denied that we would be in a rush in the morning to get ready to get to class, work or an important meeting but do take some time to breathe and apply these simple morning beauty habits that will leave you feeling refresh, fabulous and empowered each day. Take a look down below.

1.     Eat Protein for Breakfast


Be it eggs or yogurt, try to have some proteins for breakfast to give you that boost of energy after a long night sleep. Make some scrambled eggs , omellete or mix your yogurt with some fruits or any types of protein based food to indulge when you wake up.


2.     Do a little yoga


If going out for a jog is not your forte in the morning, stretch and does some yoga. The light movements will absolutely help in waking up your body to lead the day. This will elevate your mood into a more positive vibe which will leave you feeling great the whole day.


3.     Serum Power


As you have your shower rinsing off your sweat from your little yoga session and wash your face, dab our face with some serum. Start this skincare routine every morning and your skin will thank you. Serum definitely gives you a refresh feeling in the morning especially as we know our eyes are a bit puffy when we wake up.


4.     Hydrate!


To be energetic and less exhausted the entire day, never fail to hydrate yourself. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go and have a bottle of water at your bedside table so you could easily grab it to always hydrate yourself.


5.     Write in your planner


Once you have gotten yourself ready to head off, write important notes in your planner to be more organized or jot down daily motivational quotes to uplift your mood. It helps you feel prepared to start your day and ready to take any challenge thrown your way.


So what is your morning beauty routine to feel fabulous? Share it with us in the comment section below.