[Beauty 101] Tips to Get Healthy and Shiny Hair


Regardless if it is short or long having healthy hair is everyones dream.  Picture those Disney princesses and their gorgeous hairdo making them look very dreamy and mesmerizing.  Take Rapunzel as an example, her hair is so strong that the prince uses her hair as a rope to climb the tower to meet and later fall in love with her.  The takeaway from this story is your hair does wonders and one of it is to bring your love one to you. 

Hair is considered as an asset worth taking care of.  A proper hair maintainance routine will help keep your hair in a healthy state. Read below on the tips to get shiny and healthy hair that won’t cost a fortune.

1.    Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner


Beginning with the most basic haircare which is the shampoo.  Knowing your hair condition like dry, brittle or oily and choosing the right shampoo accordingly will help tackle your problem.  Shampoo helps to cleanse your hair from any excess oil and dirt. Don’t forget to wash your hair regularly.

Another item that should be on your cart is conditioner.  The conditioner compliments to what the shampoo does.  They act better together serving the purpose or caring and protecting the hair from possible pollutant that could damage the hair. 

2.    Don’t tie your hair too tight


If your hair is long don’t tie it too tight.  Tying your hair too tight would cause friction and makes your hair loses its strength. Your hair needs their space as well so tie it as loosly as you can.  When going to bed undo your braids and let it free. 

3.    Don’t overheat and try to dry your hair cautiously


Using the hairdryer helps to speed up the drying process especially when you are in a hurry.  Overheating your hair will strip the moisture content making it dry and become frizzy.  Use hairdryer sparingly the same goes with iron and the curler. 

Another important tip is to always pat dry your hair with a towel as wet hair breaks easily and very fragile. Rubbing your hair will cause friction and breaks your hair. This is because your hair will become weak from the constant rubbing.

4.    Pamper your hair with visits to the salon


Your hair is an asset once in a while you need to make time to pamper it.  Visits to the hair salon can be done at least once in a month.  Get your hair washed, trim the edges and maybe experiment with a new hair style.  There are plenty of hair and scalp treatment services that you can choose according to your hair type. 

5.    Satin pillow covers is the new trend


Recently satin pillow cover has been made popular because it is said that it could help with keeping your hair loss problems at a minimum. Sleeping on pillow covers made from satin is also said to help reduce tanggling as the satin material is known to be soft and silky.  Your hair would just slide accross the satin covered pillows softly with lesser chance to get damaged.  We spend a few hours daily sleeping and getting a satin pillow case can be a  rational dicision to make.  Curious to find out whether it is true?  Why not get one and try out.

6.    Proper diet for a healthy and shiny hair


You are a reflection of what you eat.  Our diet is also the determining factor of our overall hair health.  Walnuts, pecans, Brazil Nuts and cashews are great choice to enhance the vitamins and minerals, protecting the hair follicles and make your hair shines naturally.

If you are a dark chocolate fan, feel guilt no more.  Another reason to eat dark chocolate is because it contains high anti-oxidant, protein and B-vitamins that is great for your hair.  Oh, and they taste good too.

Some experts suggested that incorporating fish into the diet improve the hair condition.  Maybe you want to swap chicken for salmon next time for your dinner. 

7.    Get your hair checked by professionals


Lastly, healthy and shiny hair is not impossible if you spend some time, money and effort in taking a good care of it.  Seek help from professionals if you wish to get your hair properly checked to know the problem and propose you with solutions. 

Want to share your hair secret? Drop them in comment section below.