Brow Wigs: The Newest Brow Trend

Adam emn F10 002.jpg

After embroidered eyebrows, say hello to brow wigs!

By Wulandari Natlia

Ever since bold brows became the beauty trend to get on a few years ago, women have devised ways to get strong, defined brows. For those who do not have thick eyebrows or are reluctant to undergo the painful process of eyebrow embroidery (which usually requires further retouching for a more natural look anyway), here’s a new alternative: brow wigs. 


An eyebrow wig covers your original eyebrows so you don’t have to spend 15 minutes each morning just to create symmetrical brows. Just stick on with glue like you would for fake eyelashes, and voila!

Many international beauty bloggers who have tried brow wigs actually recommend them. Why? In addition to being easy to use and time-saving, it also gives a more natural look than drawn-on brows. Might this be a beauty trend we see in Asia soon? 


Will you be trying out this latest brow trend? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below!