How To Make Someone's Day


You’ve just completed a big project and deeply worried about the outcome when a colleague comes up to you and tells you what a great job you've done. You feel relieved and happy that you respond with “Thanks, you’ve just made my day”. Why? Because your mood has been lifted and the nice things said to you have just eased the worry you had earlier. Sounds familiar? The feeling of having someone make your day or being the person who made someone’s day is indeed precious. Even if it doesn't work exactly like this for everyone, it's good to know that you can contribute to make it happen. So here are some ideas to make someone's day.

1. Smile


This simple and priceless act is definitely a winner.  A smile, if sincerely given, exudes warmth, spells out ‘I care’ and generates more smiles in return, even if sometimes you have to force one out of yourself. It can mean a lot to someone who’s in need of your attention or it can just be a gesture to make a difficult situation a bit more bearable. You never know who it may hit, but to someone, your smile can just make their day.


2. Be generous and kind


Now I don’t mean you should give people money or something but why not extend a bit of kindness and care to those around you. Since `you made my day’ means you've made someone happy so why not be a ray of sunshine. Buy someone a drink, lend a helping hand or simply offer kind words. In this world where people have become rather selfish it can mean a lot when one is willing to go that extra mile to make someone’s day and just be nice.


3. Surprise Them


So there are pleasant surprises and there are definitely bad ones. Opt for the former of course. This can be done by doing many random things depending on who you’re surprising. Among them, an awaited phone call, a surprise visit, an unexpected gift like a bracelet or a book they’ve been eyeing, little love notes or just a simple hug. When they least expect it, these surprises may put a smile on someone's face and let’s say it again, make their day.


4. Be Inspirational and Positive


When someone or something has made your day, it usually stems from the fact that what you've received is an aura of positivity and inspiration. So maybe you’re not doing it on purpose but if you can show these qualities, then by God's will, a defeated man can be uplifted and his dull mood brightened. Inspiring others through words of wisdom, positive music or even prayers may bring a change in someone and will possibly make their day.


5. Use Humour


Since ‘laughter is the best medicine’ so maybe, just maybe, it might not hurt to try and turn a frown into a smile and make someone’s day. You could tell a joke, text them a funny image or just find ways to make them laugh. It sure is a good way to lighten up someone's day. With any luck, you’ll have someone ROFL or if not, your effort alone could've just made his or her day.


The list is endless and may or may not work depending on the situation and the person you’re targeting. Making someone’s day is sometimes done unconsciously so you never know who you will affect. Regardless, the outcome will be sweet. So why not go out there and make someone’s day today. It’ll be a rewarding experience for that person, including yourself.

Have you ever made someone’s day or has someone made yours? We’d love to hear your stories so do share it down below.