International Women's Day - 5 Great Ways We Can Support Other Women

International Women’s Day was created to celebrate the movement of women’s rights. It also helps to remind women to always support other women all around the world regardless of background, ethnicity, race or religion. We often fail to in our duties and jealousy always comes over us but we should be more positive in life and be the power of good change towards other women. Supporting other women is a beautiful thing and we should always try to be there for other women’s success and even failure with good intentions. Here are five great ways that we can show our support to other women whether we know them personally or not.

1.     Be Happy to Other Women


It is often seen that women fail to be happy for other women’s success and we should change this mind set. Jealousy is a negative feeling to keep and should be thrown far far away. So what if other women have a great job, a cute guy or successful achieved her goals? Be happy for them and be inspired to strive for it as well.


2.     Give Compliments

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If you see a beautiful woman pass you or a woman who has a nice dress on that you love, be gracious and kind by complementing her instead of eyeing them with envy. Your compliments will definitely make their day and you will also feel happy to give the powerful change in someone’s life. You, as a woman, have that power to change the envy into positive comments.


3.     Help Other Women


When you go out and see another woman struggling to open up a stroller, carry groceries while handling a child or even trying to pick something from a shelf, offer a helping hand. This will definitely make another women feel grateful for your kind help and awareness of their need for help. Make another women feel that you understand them in this way and your heart will feel warm with the good deed you did.


4.     Empower Young Girls

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Try to be a good role model for younger girls who are still searching of who they are. As we know, young girls (like you was once) are struggling to find their identity and individuality and offering guidance to empower them towards a good direction is always a wonderful thing to do for other women. Be it regarding career, studies, relationship or personal; provide some positive words and encouragement instead of tearing them down.


5.     Stand Up for Other Women

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If you see a woman who is being attacked or insulted and is afraid to speak out, stand up for her. She will absolutely appreciate that someone has her back and be the voice of hers when she couldn’t find hers. Or you could take your efforts to another height by donating for organizations which supports other women that fights against domestic violence, single mother’s foundation and more.


So let’s us be the power of change in bringing a positive environment for women all around the world. Whoever you meet, be kind, supportive and positive. Share with us your stories of supporting other women in your life as we would love to hear inspiring stories from you. Do let us know down below.