Interview with Streetwear Brand Stoned & Co

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The streetwear fashion is rising in Malaysia and the young generations are rocking the street style looks with their own creative twist to it. One of the well-known local streetwear brand that has made a name for itself is Stoned & Co. The brand provides a wide range of edgy, hip yet comfortable streetwear apparels for their customers to flaunt as their day-to-day ensemble. Want to know how they successfully penetrated the fashion market by popularizing streetwear styles? ZALORA had the golden opportunity to get some inside scoops from the brand with this exclusive interview down below.

1. Everyone has their own journey in the fashion industry. Please share with us a bit about your background and how you came about with Stoned & Co.

                                  Andrew Ngo Pik Yan, Founder / Managing Director

                                  Andrew Ngo Pik Yan, Founder / Managing Director

I started off in 2012 with Eighteen Inspiration, a fashion brand which I came up with and did all the marketing, sales, production, and customer relations alone. It was something that I always dreamt about and wanted to do for a very long time. Because it was a solo venture into the industry, I learnt so much about different aspects of an online business and how to run one. In 2014, I decided that it was time to start up something else with all the knowledge I had so there goes Idotshirt followed by Stoned & Co. in 2014.


2. What is your favourite part of starting your own fashion brand?


I always like the idea of how fashion can be part of a lifestyle and that is what I am trying to bring to the table. I like to see how our customers are starting to understand more about the culture or rather, ideas portrayed by the brand and incorporate it into their everyday life. I see the apparels in both brands as part of someone's life and the reason they wear it is because it resonates to their style, hobbies, and the things they love every day. Aside from that, my favourite part of starting Stoned & Co. is that the brand itself is a storyteller that relays stories and information to the community that supports Stoned & Co.


3. Did you face challenges at the beginning and how did you overcome them?

Challenges are part of any journey we take whether in life or business. Most of the time when I'm faced with obstacles, aside from finding solutions and solving it, I always tell myself that I am able to go through the hard times.


4. Where do you get your designs produced?


Stoned & Co. products are produced in Malaysia.


5. What inspired you in designing for the Stoned & Co collection every season?


I think nature and society somehow inspires a lot of the designs and styles of the collections. Take the Descendant collection for example, as we started off with the basic element of the Japanese Maple Leaf for its various symbolic meaning, we decided to show growth from a single leaf to a branch filled with Japanese maple leaves of autumn hue. Not only does the striking orange tone of the Japanese maple leaves design stands out from the collection, the meaning and story of how these maple leaves symbolize the coming generations who will, as the Descendants, will have to be responsible of creating a harmonious living on Earth. So it comes back to the core where we are truly inspired by everything that is happening to us in our everyday life and also the society that we live in.


6. Describe the Stoned & Co in three simple words.


Culture. Versatile. Quality.


7. What would you say is your personal favourite piece from Stoned & Co?

My all-time personal favourite has got to be the Stoned Genetic Tshirt. It's simple and most importantly, matches anything under the sun whether you are layering for the winter look, matching it with denim, or even any style you want to be in. Gotta love the versatility there.


8. What made you decide to widen your horizon by introducing your brand in



We've always liked the idea of gathering streetwear brands together and with ZALORA coming up with Where Is Your Street? We thought it would be great to join in the fun!


9. What can we expect from Stoned & Co in the future?


Looking forward, it's going international.


10. What advice would you give for individuals who are looking to start up their own streetwear fashion brand?


Success doesn't happen overnight so be patient, work hard, dream big, and you will achieve it!


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