Top 3 Basic Fashion Essential That Every Men Should Have

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When it comes to the term of fashion, women tends to get more attention than men. Who says that men don't have any fashion sense? Men prefer simplicity when it comes to fashion believing less is more. So for the stylish yet simple men out there, these top three fashion essentials are the must-have to ensure a great outfit every single day. 

1.  Jeans

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Jeans is the perfect fashion invention as it fits every body shape perfectly. It does not matter what your size is, jeans is a timeless piece to own in your closet.  Jeans come out with various types of cuts and designs that you may choose from plus you can wear it with style anywhere you go.


2. Jackets

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Men do not need accessories to make them look good but with a nice jacket,  it helps transform your look in many different ways. You can style it with a plain shirt or layer it up with a sweater. If you are brave enough, choose a leather jacket as it will make you look sexier!


3. Sneakers

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Sneakers will always be the piece that help men complete their outfits. It cannot be denied that men would own a few pairs of sneakers like Adidas or Nike that they wear on an everyday basis. With a pair of sneakers that suits their personal style making them appear stylish effortlessly, it also gives them that boost of confidence stepping out of the house. 


What are other fashion essentials does a man need in their closet? Feel free to leave a comment down below.