Top Five Fashion Best Sellers for Men This Season

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Coming into this year, there are new trends coming in and men are getting their fashion game up by donning these stylish pieces on a daily basis. If you have missed out what has been getting attention in the men’s fashion category this first quarter, worry no more as we are listing them down below. Check it out and add them into your fashion wish list if you haven’t own them yet.

1.    Slim fit jeans

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Men can never say no to a nice pair of slim fit jeans as it is a go-to fashion piece that can be worn to a casual day out, parties and even while running errands. It gives men that confidence yet effortless stylish look when matched with a t-shirt. This will be one of the men’s favourite pick for years to come and not going anywhere anytime soon.


2.    Nike RN Free Distance sport shoes

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For the active individuals, men love the Nike RN free distance sport shoes. It is designed to give the best comfortable feet support and light weight feel for a walk around town or a quick jog. Not only that, the designs is very trendy and brings out that youthful side of a person.


3.    Faux leather high top sneakers

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Another one of the favourite footwear men are eyeing these past few months are the edgy faux leather high top sneakers. It is perfect to be worn on a date, hanging out with friends or even to work. It combines that casual with stylish elements that makes it great to show off with confidence everywhere you go. Match it with anything you have on and be charming.


4.    Shadow cap

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This first quarter it is seen that men are putting a shadow cap as their favourite accessory. Wearing the shadow cap helps transform their simple appearance into a more enhanced look.


5.    Exploded icon crew neck t-shirt

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Men are known to keep things simple and t-shirt is their main fashion piece that they style on a daily basis. The crew neck t-shirt seems to be one of the top best-selling pieces this early year.


So do you have these top five pieces in your closet yet? Which ones do you like? Share it in the comment section below.