Top Five Fashion Best Sellers for Women This Season

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We have pasted the first quarter of the year and trends change fast. This first season we discovered that there are some best-selling pieces that women are adding into their wardrobe. Are you clueless of what they are? Fret not as we took the opportunity to list down the top five fashion piece for women. Take a look below.

1.     Compression capri

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We can blame it on the fitness New Year’s goal resolution but the compression capri leggings have become the top selling piece at ZALORA. Women who are taking that healthy journey are surely keeping fit with style. Well, dressing well while working out is definitely the best fashion decision.


2.     Pleat detail dress

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Women seem to prefer the simple pleat detail dresses starting the year giving them that effortless stylish look. Besides that, the pleat dress are great for women to wear to work, a date or even a casual day out with the girls.



3.     Loreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick Balmain Limited Edition – Confession

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Since the release of Loreal Paris x Balmain lipstick collection, women have fallen head over heels for the various shades. One of the favourite lipstick shades that is on the best-selling list is the Confession shade as it fits every skin tone of women. The shade can be worn with confidence on a daily basis and matches well with any outfits too.


4.     Nike RN Free Distance sport shoes

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The Nike RN Free Distance sport shoes are becoming a very popular choice among not only the men but also the ladies due to its light weight design. It allows women to easily and comfortably move around being active. The funky designs are also giving women that fashionable touch while working out.


5.     Ankle strap sandal heels

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 Other than the edgy sport shoes, women can never forget their love for heels to match with their everyday OOTD look. Ankle strap sandal heels are the top footwear that women are donning this early quarter due to its comfortable feel. Choose from the various colour and designs of ankle strap sandal heels to feel that instant confident boost.


So which ones do you own? Let us know down below.