Where is Your Street?


Are you a fan of the streetwear styles? From graphic tees to ripped jeans, express your personality through what you wear. If you are a fan, you are definitely in luck as ZALORA is bringing you six well-known local streetwear brands including Pestle & Mortar, Justin Chew, Stoned & Co, OBSCR Limited, TNT Clothing and NERD UNIT. The streetwear fashion helps to showcase individuality and the uniqueness of diversity in people. Each brand has their own signature look which you can show off with confidence everywhere you go.


Targeting the youth who loves an urban hip look, Pestle & Mortar, Justin Chew, Stoned & Co, OBSCR Limited, TNT Clothing and NERD UNIT definitely has what it takes to shape the local street fashion scene. Streetwear allows you to express yourself for who you are and these brands are available at ZALORA to make it happen!

Encompassing the elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion and modern faute trends, streetwears are made for people to be comfortable yet effortlessly stylish. Mainly putting focus on trendy tees, jeans, sneakers and accessories, flaunt the streetwear look as your day-to-day ensemble.

Every streetwear brands have their own messages behind each collection which helps you to represent your neighbourhood and your lifestyle to others. Be it - the downtown area, the classic neighbourhood or the uptown scale, be who you are with the edgy urban looks from these six amazing local streetwear fashion brand. Get these men streetwear looks as they will gradually go live up in ZALORA.

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