4 Steps on How to Buff Up Your Body


Everyone wants those wash board abs, those well toned chiseled arms and legs. What could be more appealing right?. It does not matter what gender you are, you can buff up those muscles in your own time. So, here is a simple fool proof regime with just four(4) steps. Yes! you read it right. Just four steps! Discipline is key!

Step 1


Schedule (Always stick to it)

Make a weekly schedule of what your workout days and rest days are. Determine what areas you want to work on during each selected days and stick to the schedule. Never miss a day as your body will get used to this routine after a while. Skipping or delaying it will just not do if you want to achieve that badass figure.


Step 2


Food (keep it balanced and healthy)

Food intake has to be well balanced and of course healthy, with macros, consisting of 60% protein, 30% carbs and 10% fats. Basically, it is 60/30/10 ratio. For breakfast a scoop of protein shake is a must and an hour later 8 to 10 half boiled eggs with two slices of bread. As for lunch, half a slice of steamed chicken(white meat) with 250 grams of white rice. At about 4 pm and intake of fruits is a must to help the sugar balance. this consists of green apples and some grapes (may differ for different people). Then, it is gym time. When it comes to dinner, again another half slice of chicken(white meat) with 250 grams of white rice. Supper is included as well! sweet potatoes, six eggs and some nuts. Water intake is a must. Only lean meat with very little fats. ALL of these differ from person to person.


Step 3


Gym Hours (be consistent)

Before starting the regime, be sure to take a 10 to 15 minute brisk walk on the treadmill first to get the blood flowing properly. After all, cardio is important. Once this is done, it takes an hour and a half of exercise per day for specific body parts as mentioned in step one.


Step 4


Supplements (Be sure not to forget)

Supplements are essential for gym goers, such as mass gainers, pre-work out and brand chain amino acids (BCCA). These will help muscle mass and gain. Always be sure to stay hydrated. 


And there you have it, these four steps to get that body you want. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's hit the gym flaunting that stylish sportswear and getting to your body goals. Feel free to comment below if you have any other steps to do so.