5 Tried-and-Tested Tips for Perfectly Styled Hair


By Daniel Loy

Ever stepped out of the house looking on point but somehow feeling that your hair’s less than perfect? We’ve all been there, and guess what, it’s a situation you can totally avoid. Set aside some time and effort to style your hair, and be rewarded when you get people’s attention wherever you go. Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong. You’re welcome.

Get a proper haircut
It all starts from the moment you enter the barbershop. Tell your barber the look you want before he even grabs the clipper and comb. Lost for words? Don’t be shy; bring photo references along. Any barber worth his salt will work his magic by trimming, layering and prepping your hair for its new-found glory.


Shampoo and condition regularly

Some people swear by the daily routine of shampooing and conditioning their mane, while others say you can do it on alternate days or just once a week. We say go with what feels best. If you’re always working up a sweat, your hair and scalp could probably do with more frequent washing. Keeping your hair healthy and smooth will reduce the chance of breakage, split ends and a dull finish when you’re done styling.


Give it some texture
Just like makeup application, men’s hair styling is rarely a straightforward procedure. Even perfectly clean hair could use some grooming/sea salt spray to give it added texture. This makes styling infinitely easier, especially if your desired look is gravity-defying.


Don’t skip the blow-drying
A big part of hair styling lies in the blow-dry process. Once you’re done applying grooming spray, grab the hairdryer and curler brush, making sure you blow every strand with medium heat to add volume to your hair. Be patient. While blow-drying, part your hair in the right direction to “shape” it and get it ready for the next step. Once your hair’s almost dry, switch to the cool setting to keep the follicles primed for styling.


Use the correct styling product

                   American Crew_Pomade (50g)

                  American Crew_Pomade (50g)

There’s a whole range of styling products out in the market. We’re talking pomades, clay, waxes and gels. Go with what your barber recommends, but as a rule of thumb, pomades and gels are perfect for pompadours and slicked back styles, while clay and waxes give you lightly-tousled hair that’s easily adjusted on the fly. Each product comes with its own finish (matte or gloss), but you might have to try both kinds to know your preference.

Tip: Get your barber to use different products each time you have your hair cut. You’ll waste less money buying products and discover which ones suit you best and get you that perfectly coiffed hair.

Got a hair styling tip to share? Tell us in the comments below!