After-Work Stress Relief for the Hardworking You


By Bea Punzalan

Time for beauty after hours.

Coming home after eight hours at work or in school can leave you feeling absolutely exhausted. It’s tempting to just call it a night the moment you get home and head straight for your bed — sometimes you just can’t help it, we know, but it’s something you should avoid as much as possible.

Neglecting to take care of yourself will cause a complete imbalance in your lifestyle, and it’ll affect your overall well-being. Yes, stress is bound to come on a daily basis, but never forget to give yourself some valuable me time! Remember to always put yourself first. ❤

Scroll down to see our best self-care tips to indulge yourself after a long day at work!

Take a steamy shower


Though we live in a tropical country, hot baths or showers can offer some serious stress relief that leave us completely relaxed afterwards. Aside from that, it feels good to get rid of all that dirt and pollution we got all over our bodies.

Pro-tip for wellnessOne thing I’ve learned over the years and managed to incorporate into my showers is to always imagine my negative thoughts and energy getting washed away by the water and watch it go down the drain. It’s a huge help for overthinkers like me!


Get your skincare down!


A long day at work does not excuse you from taking care of your skin. If you don’t, signs of ageing will show up faster than you ever thought. So get that double cleanse down and remove all the dirt, makeup, and residue from your face. Proceed with the rest of your skincare routine and treat yourself to a sheet mask while reading a new book or catching up on that TV series! Leave work at work for now, you’ve worked hard enough anyway. ❤

Don’t forget to slather on some eye cream on those designer bags of yours!

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Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate again!


After all those back-to-back meetings and long hours sitting on an office chair, you might have forgotten to stay hydrated. It’s essential to regularly drink water as it helps keep you energized, alert, and healthy. Next time you enter the office or school, always remember to keep a bottle of water at hand at all times.


Do some yoga


Despite the 24 hours in a day, sometimes there just isn’t enough time for everything And no matter how much we want to hit the gym for some cardio and strengthening, we can’t always squeeze it in. But don’t worry! There are always ways to get in some quick exercise.

A quick yoga routine will not only take up just five minutes of our precious time, but it can greatly help with relaxation. So think of it as doing two things at once, a real friendly exercise for the multi-tasker. No phone, no bosses, no deadlines. Just you and your mind. Great, right?


Read a book


And on the weekends…?

You might be tempted to bring home your work and keep at it on Saturday and Sunday, and while we admire your dedication, that’s really isn’t what weekends are really for.

The weekend is something we always look forward to come Friday night. Our two-day weekends are precious and heaven-sent. Dedicate one day — it doesn’t have to be both days — for yourself or for your family. You can go to the spa for a much needed massage, go for a lunch out with your best friends and catch up, go binge watching, or go for some classic retail therapy. It can be anything, just as long as you get to five yourself a break and do what will make you feel happy and at peace. ❤


You’ve worked hard this week, girl! You deserve some rest.

Don’t ever forget to give yourself a breather once in a while. No matter how fast-paced life can be, it’s incredibly important to take care of ourselves first! After all, at the end of the day, who is it that we come home to? Ourselves. ❤

Being physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy is the perfect weapon against stress. So center everything back to yourself and get happy!


Feeling better, feeling lighter?

Tell us your favorite mode of relaxation after a long day in the comments section below!