An Interview with Malaysian Streetwear Brand Pestle & Mortar


Nowadays, the streetwear fashion is becoming a very popular style especially among men. Due to its simple yet trendy designs of t-shirts, jeans and accessories, men are putting streetwear as their day-to-day fashion look. Not only are streetwear pieces effortlessly stylish but also provides comfort. One of the Malaysian streetwear brand, Pestle & Mortar saw the need for comfort edgy fashion and brought it to a whole new level. Penetrating the Malaysian fashion market with their own creative concept, this brand is absolutely one of the most recognizable streetwear brands in the country. Let’s find out what made Pestle & Mortar special with  our interview with Eddie Samad, the Group COO down below.

1. Every brand has its own background story. Share with us how the brand Pestle & Mortar was established.


Pestle & Mortar was founded by 3 best friends, Hugh Koh, and brothers Arnold Loh & Arthur Loh in 2010. It started off as a passion project and blossomed into a proper business. It was also founded on the basis that it was hard to cop cool t shirts in Malaysia and stuff available online was expensive so what better way then make and design our own stuff.


2.      It cannot be denied that there are a few challenges when starting a business in fashion. Please share with us some of the challenges that the brand had to face in bringing a new streetwear name into the market.

  •  The perception that Malaysian brands are not up to par
  • Having to justify our prices
  • Getting a manufacturer to accept our orders


3.            How would you describe the Pestle & Mortar collections to your customers?

We don't sell you a product, we sell you a lifestyle that encapsulates what we are passionate about.


4.            What is the brand’s competitive advantage and why it can’t be copied?

We are quite pleased with our branding and our constant homage to Malaysian  heritage and Southeast Asia as a whole.


5.            Describe the collection in three simple words.

Subtle with a hint of reflective detailing.


6.            What do you find is the best marketing strategy to push the Pestle & Mortar brand to a wider audience?

Social media, strategic partnerships with other brands from various fields, having the right brand ambassadors that resonate with the brands core values.


7.            How do you find inspiration in providing the latest trendy designs of clothing every season?

Inspiration comes in many forms such as the things we see and experience during our travels, and most importantly, sales data.


8.            What would you say is your personal favourite design in the brand’s latest collection?


I’m all about the clean and simple stuff so my pick will be the Mechanic Tee!


9.            Did you anticipated that the Pestle & Mortar brand would be where it is now?

We knew that we had something promising from the very beginning, but we can't say that we anticipated the blessings and milestones that we have achieved over the years.


 10.          What does 2018 hold for Pestle & Mortar?

Stronger brand equity, more strategic collaborations and partnerships as well as more awesome designs.


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